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Best way to store weed

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by kidotakon, Jun 20, 2007.

  1. After Roo I picked up a pretty good stash that should last me about a month, however, I have no idea what the best method of storage would be for it. Any suggestions?
  2. A jar.

    this will also cure it more open the jar up for about 30 mins a day to let fresh air in
  3. I use a prescription pills bottle for Ritalin :)

    "May Cause Dizzyness"

  4. i would recommend a mason jar but that just my choice.....................:rolleyes:
  5. I agree, mason jars. If you don't have any use tupperwear containers, but they don't hold in the smell that well
  6. mason jars FTW
    nothing else compaires
  7. I use a glass container that was originally used for holding mint leaves for cooking
  8. Roll blunts and put them in a humidifying cigar box thats how I do.
  9. Empty, washed out and delabled pill bottle. Air tight, floats (if you smoke on the lake) and fairly compact.
  10. mason jar. with a cork or rubber top that can be clasped down, not screwed.

    and yeah, you'll be able to cure it more...if you let it get fresh air for 20-30 minutes a day.

    point is, no air comes in or out.
  11. i use the medicine containers as dank tanks. When my friend buys from the club they give him those and it has a sticker on the outside of the strain, there pretty tight.
  12. Same thing that I use.
  13. tin boxes bro they come in all shapes an sizes i have a bunch for joints, big pickups ,nugs etc
  14. Hey guys, what about packing into PVC bags and vacuum seal it?
  15. pvc bags?

    ive heard of vacum sealing and putting it in the freezer many times
  16. i got one of these tightvacs at my headshop. it completely seals out the air from inside leaving it airtight. you can get them from like 4 grams, to like 1lb. not bad for 10 bucks
  17. I put my dank in a ziplock, push out most of the air then put it in a mason jar, which I put in my mini fridge.

    This is STINKY weed and can fill up an entire room once i open that zip-lock, but my god the mason jar doesn't let out ANY stench.
  18. mason/glass jar at home, altoids case for on the go!
  19. Could someone explain how the tightvac works?

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