best way to store trim?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by heavyhitter25, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. whats the best way to store trim? fridge? freezer? tubbeware?
    looking to store trim for a week or so... plan on making cannabutter
  2. I dried mine and threw in a jar =) burp it to get the extra moisture out
  3. For every 10 people who say to dry it, you will get 10 more telling you to freeze it or keep it moist.

    I have made butter with both dry and frozen/moist. I got way more potent butter from frozen.

    Now someone will come and tell you that drying is best. LOL

    Do 2 batches. Dry one batch, freeze the other and then make 2 butter batches and compare. You decide! :)

    Oh and get unsalted high in fat butter, dont get cheap $1 butter. I spend $7 on mine. Makes a big difference.

    I love edibles.
  4. I asked this question a few month ago and the consensus was that the freezer was preferred. I made butter with it and it was the jam. :smoke:
  5. im one of those ten who dry it lol. crush it up, or fine chop it, so i can use the shake for blunts and js and stuff. or as back up stash when i run out :X
  6. Ight thanks..... ill probly dry for a couple days then freeze it till I'm ready to make butter

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