best way to store seeds

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  1. whats the best way to store seeds? in fridge? cheers

  2. For me Personally I use a canning jar with two packs of desiccant, one at the bottom of the jar, one at the top. Then I keep it in my freezer which is about 25F. Also always let the whole jar slowly come to room tempt before I ever open it.

    Had " fresh" seeds two years later. Not had any longer than that to attest to one way or another.

    Interested in the methods of others.


  3. I keep mine inside a plastic takeaway box in the fridge, I generally buy single seeds so just put the bags inside a smellyproof bag sealed nice n tight and then in the box and keep it at the back where they are nice and cold :)

    As long as no moisture gets in there then you're good, I've popped seeds that were 2-3 years old and stored that way.

    Good idea on the dessicant Gorilla, thanks for the tip! Next time I buy something with a silica bag in I will chuck it in the box for a bit of extra dryness!!
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    I've never put my seeds in the fridge, but I've had seeds in a non air tight plastic container on my desk for 3 years and they still pop 95% of the time.
  5. Mason jar in the fridge with silica packs. Just popped some 1.5 year old seeds no problem. Humidity and heat are the two things to worry about

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  6. Mason Jar with silica, either in fridge or dark cool place.
  7. yep - im airtight and in the fridge. i put some rice in a small vial to act as a dessicant, i always save the small packs you get in shoe boxes etc but the sock monster must like them too!

  8. In the oven

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