Best way to store crushed weed

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    So I Will be receiving a half oz of blue dynamite soon, thing is I get my shit online so it arrives to me already not crushed but compressed and flat, my question is what is the best way for me to store it? I have a small glass airtight jar but I heard that can dry weed out worse when crushed up like mine will be.

    Any answers appreciated thanks :)
    there are pricier, better sealing jars in various shapes and sizes.. but it's not worth the $ unless you're storing it over 3 months... it should be fine in a mason jar or any sealed glass container, just make sure to keep it out of sunlight
  3. Grind them up and collect the kief, press the kief into hash blocks. Take your leftover shake and put it in a small jar. Not a standard sized "mason" jar.

  4. Thanks guys I have the small mason jar ready to go and the half oz won't last the week never mind 3 months haha, thanks again for the replies
  5. I bought my growers last whole entire harvest. It ended up being 16 plants which was over a lb and a half. I've had it a year and a half now. I started out with 9 1/2 half gallon mason jars. I still have 4 left.
    they are stored with those humidity packets in the jars and the weed is nice and fresh just like it was when we cut the buds off the stems.
  6. I wanna see what the weed looks like that you get online. Can you please post a pic of it? In it's compressed state that is.
  7. Being in a jar won't dry up the weed more. thats a lie. no other option will be as good as a mason jar, unless you use a vacuum seal and take out all the air. use the jar

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