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Best way to store Cannabis?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stonedonmagic, Jul 30, 2016.

  1. I'm 22 years old and from Colorado. I stared using marijuana around a year ago, and I just love it. I smoke every day, and occasionally I enjoy edibles, or dabbing with my friends. I only buy from legal recreational marijuana dispensaries, and I follow the law as best I can.

    I have a wonderful case from a company here in CO called StashLogix, and it's designed for pot. It has a lock, and special pouches so you can't smell anything in there. Perfect for hiding in a shoebox in my dorm room.

    I have a few questions about storing the dry bud.
    - Should I grind it all up, and the store it so I don't have to grind it when I want to use it? Or does this effect the quality of the cannabis? I usually buy 1/8 and it lasts me around two weeks - is this too long to keep weed ground up? (Recreational cannabis is expensive here in CO - 1/8 is $20. I want to keep it "fresh" or whatever for as long as I can.)

    - Does it get better, or worse with time? My mom was a smoker in the 1980s and is getting into it again now that it's legal, and she tells me the older the bud is, the better the quality. But I've also heard people tell me that it must be kept air-tight and not for more than a couple of months or it goes bad and hits really hard.

    - My case came with these little plastic jars for bud, however they are both plastic and not air-tight. I've heard the only way to truly keep weed "fresh" and to contain the smell is to keep it in an air-tight glass jar. Is this true? I normally keep a few strains on hand, 1/8 of each. Can any of you link me to where I could buy some jars that would be good for this? I go to websites that sell jars and things just for pot, but they're very expensive when compared to regular jars from the hobby store. I'm just wondering what works for you all.

  2. If you grind it up it'll dry out faster so I suggest you grind it as you need it. As far as I know it does not get better with age. As for the jars just go to any crafts store like michael's and they'll have mason jars for like a dollar each.
  3. Those are cool cases. If I had a need, I'd definitely get one.

    Don't grind it all at once. It will last better if you grind as you go. And yeah, ditch those plastic containers. I'd suggest getting small 4oz or 2oz mason jars. They'll fit your case and will hold an 1/8 perfectly. Go to Target and you'll find them in the kitchen section. Like $6 for 4 of them or so. As for your Mom's beliefs, no it doesn't get better as it ages. With some exceptions (because there always are exceptions and I'm really not interested in a 1001 blades quoting and correcting this because one time at band camp) when you buy at a dispensary it's ready to go and should be in the best condition for smoking. The idea of storing it in a mason jar is to keep it in that same state for as long as possible. Leave a nugget out on your shelf for two years then give it to Mom and ask her if it's awesome weed. She will likely say no.
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  4. Do as Sneaky says but order a 62% Boveda pack inside the mason jar. This will keep the buds at the perfect humidity for longevity - HOWEVER - it's a little moist for smoking right away so you need to think a day ahead of time so it will dry out a tad.

    I have 11 different strains (Durban Poison+Norther Lights is amazing) and each jar has a Boveda pack.

    The aging it almost correct AFTER it's picked it needs to "age". Most places will age their nugs a few months but that is just curing. After that dry air and light is the enemy.
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  5. i like to put my stash in a medicine bottle, the put that into an inexpensive toolbox with the rest of my smoking kit.
  6. Op says only keeps it about 2 weeks, no need for a boveda pack, they are awesome though.

    A mason jar from the canning aisle at your local grocery store will cover your needs

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  7. I lnow you said you didn't want pricey but the uv resistant jars from 420 science are the shit. Plus they are always offering coupon codes.
  8. For me I would recommend not grinding it up all at once as it dries up faster as people have said.

    I personally recommend the Herb Preserve containers they sell half gram, gram, eighth, quarters, half oz, full oz, and 2 oz containers. They store bud great for long periods and in addition to being smell proof are also light blocking.

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  9. 1.Glass Jars from the dollar store, mason jars, anything glass. AVOID PLASTIC OR ZIPLOCKS BAGS. Kief tends to stick to it far easier as opposed to glass.
    2.Leave in a dark spot where light can't get to it. "Helps it degrade less over time"
    3.I have friends who store it in their freezer to elimate smells as well, I'm not sure if that will effect the quality though. Haven't researched it but tried it myself and don't notice a difference.
  10. This. Keep the nugs whole until it's time to smoke.

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