Best way to spend last $20-30?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Jamesdouglas, Apr 19, 2010.

  1. Doing a cfl closet grow
    8x 23 watt 6500
    2x 42 watt 2700
    miracle grow organic 30% perlite
    airated tap water
    oh yeah 5 plants 4 LST'd

    Should I spend my last bit of cash on
    More light?
    Ph tester? Which would prolly require more
    Purchases if ph is off

    some people say the ph tester is the most
    important tool you can have

    I am itchin to spend this little bit of dough
    so what would you do?
  2. you should get rid of the miracle grow... read all the hundreds of posts throughout GC on miracle grow
  3. I am aware of the lack of quality of MG
    it suits my needs for my first grow though
    it's only bagseed just to see if I can get any buds
    in my little setup
    if I do get serious seeds I will go fox farms

    is there anything bad about it or it's just not great?

    I read not to use it but don't recall seeing any reasons why
  4. the MG organic is excusable commercial soil in my book. the best sticky i've read on seed starting (in the organic section) calls for 3parts of MG Organic Choice soil amoung other things.

    and on that note.

    digital pH tester + a bottle of General Hydroponics pH Down will run you about $35-50 and i'd say that will do you more benefit than anything

    otherwise i'd say get nutes .. but then when your plants start burning and people ask your pH you'll be like "oh .. funny story"
  5. Miracle Grow 'feeds up to 18 months'... I've never had an 18month crop, and that's alot of flushing to get that kind of nutes out.

    Miracle Grow is awesome, if all you want to do is look at your plants:p
  6. Well unfortunately I had to make many sacrifices
    and the MG was just one of them
    trying to use the little cash I have to do the beat I can
    if I get bud and there's not too much smell
    and the wife is cool with the whole process
    I will upgrade next time.
    Just saw a cheap ph meter at a garden supply
    it looked like a kids toy
    any recommendations??
  7. the one i got was like $25 shipped from ebay. i see a few of the same one i have up there now for $20+s/h. Milwaukee pH 600 is the model.

    i've had it over 2 years now, calibrated it just last month for the first time and it's still reading perfectly. same batteries too.
  8. Cool thanx
    checking there now
    so this is for strictly checking the water runoff yes?
    The cheapy one I got is for soil
  9. haha, those in-soil moniter things are sorta crappy.

    and yes, primarily you check runoff water but you always want to know what you're putting in as well. :p

    anyways, all you need is a tiny jar and about 1.5" of water to get a reading

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