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best way to spend 115$?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by monkeyboy8, Jul 11, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone ive budgeted myself 115$ to spend on bud. im wondering the best way to spend it... "dank" is 60 an 8...good mersh is 20 an 8 but 55 for a half o. im thinking about buying an 8 of dank and a half o of mersh what do you guys think? suggestions please
  2. that what i woud do to man split it up

  3. You just answered your own question! :smoke:
  4. I'm thinking gat an oz of the good bud and the rest on munchies.
  5. Talk your dealer down to $90 a qtr for the dank and then spend the rest on shitty blunt weed. just IMHO
  6. your plan sounds good. roll mad blunts with the half, pack mad bongs with the eighth

  7. :smoke::smoke:
  8. If you don't smoke from paper, I'd just get a 1/4 of dank. But it all depends on how much difference there is between the dank and the mids. For me, the difference is enough that you're spending as much on mids to get the same high as you would on dank, so you might as well buy dank and appreciate the smell, taste, and need to smoke less.
  9. Invest it in a CFL closet grow. Turn that $115 into ounces of the best weed you'll ever smoke.
  10. Dude i would say get the half of reg and the eighth of dank and just roll blunts from the reg batch but sprinkle like a bowl of dank in their and mix it up and have like combo blunts. This way you can smoke often but get much higher than you would off a L of reg.

    I can get a half zip for dude actually charges you 50 cents with it
  11. dude, get a 28 of coors and a quarter.

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