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Best Way to Spend 1000 bucks on Glass?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by DJRedeye, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. So next year, six friends and I are moving into a house together for junior year. One of the guys is currently at home in London, but will be in LA for a month or two this summer. One of his goals while he is in LA is to find the perfect bong to buy for our house, and he is willing to spend up to $1000 on it.

    So I'm wondering--what is the best way to go about finding the perfect bong to buy? Should he just go around to the different glass shops in LA and see what he finds, or something else?

    Don't say "buy a $400 bong and spend the rest on mad weed!" because he already buys mad weed. This kid is LOADED, and has dedicated up to $1000 (if needed) specifically for a bong. One of the other guys will already be bringing his digital volcano, so we just need a sick piece of glass to complete the house.

  2. everyone here is going to tell you to buy a toro probably
  3. torotorotoro haha
  4. Most def. Toro.

    Or a very nice Custom, or Collab.
  5. that's what i was gonna tell him, lol. But you could get a lot of diff. nice ass tubes for a grand.

    I'd personally suggest a Toro though. Best glass purchase i've made
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    Toro, SG, or custom.

    I say SG, for purely asthetic reasons, having never hit either. Toros look like the bong equivalent of a mack truck, SGs look like the bong equivalent of a ferrari. Also on the models of simaler shape, it looks like SG's would clear better, but I can't vouch for that. Of course, they're both amazing bongs either way.
  7. id say a custom perc'd german made roor
  8. TORO or Sovereignty.
  9. does not make perculated toobs.
  10. HAHA, yup, toro.
  11. I'd get a inline/circ TORO or inline/13 TORO, or an SG gridline. Either way, fucking sick bongs.

  12. Not normal production but I am pretty sure I've seen a german tree for a glass contest entry before. anyways, to the op:

    I'd get either an SG or Toro tube setup, or a Hamm Brushland piece.
  13. SG or toro. I'll bet you can find some reaaaally nice roors for a grand too.
  14. So the general consensus is toro, followed by SG. None of you answered one important question though--can good ones be found in glass shops, or would it be advisable to find one online, or should he talk to someone in a shop about having a custom piece made?
  15. get a decent toro or sg and some smaller pieces for travel or convenience purposes.
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    In L.A. the odds of you finding a Toro are skim to none. It can be done but rarely. But I'm sure you can find someone that can get you some Toro.

    SG can be found in Cali though so...
  17. So the best way to spend $1000 on glass is to spend $0 on glass? Why even post in this fucking thread if you have nothing to offer.

    Ok, we get it: you don't think spending that much money on glass is worth it. NO ONE asked you for your opinion. He asked what he glass he should by for $1000, not "hey how should I spend $1000"

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