Best way to sneak weed into an indoor concert?

Discussion in 'Clubs, DJ’s and Festivals' started by miikaruu, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Tonight I'm going to see a concert, and I'm not all too sure of the whole security situation, or how relaxed or strict they may be. So I was wondering, what are they best ways to sneak weed into and smoke at an indoor concert venue?

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  2. In your bloodstream. Try an edible.
  3. i walk in with a pipe and weed an in my pocket. guys act like your walking through airport security and shit lol. 
  4. If you're that paranoid why not toke up in your car and go in after? I mean.. Smoking's not that big a deal, even in the states where it's not even decrim. I go fishing and bring grass with me and toke in my e-pen, for instance.
  5. Some concerts and events are worse than airport security. So many of the big commercial events promoted to young party-goers have very tight security and are probably visited by narcs.
  6. If you are or going with a girl, just roll some joints put them in a bag and put them in her bra. If you are a dude, just put it in the elastic of your underwear. That's most likely an overkill even.

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  7. Ya you'll be fine just chuck the buds in your pants if you're paranoid but its not like they pocket check every person that goes in  :laughing:
  8. roll it and have a lady friend stick it in her bra.
    or go the edible route.
  9. one show i went to they where patting people down  at the door for weed, the name of show was even up in smoke and they did pat downs, i tucked the joints in the pocket of the basketballs shorts i was wearing under my jeans and all was good. once you where behind the gate, they didnt care. everyone had weed.
    the last show i went to I went threw all the work of hiding them and no one even tried to care.
  10. Agent miikaaruu or whatever.

    Just sneak it in your dreadlocks, Jah mon!
  11. When I went to an indoor concert I hid my weed in my shoe, or you could pre roll some joints and put them in a pack of cigarettes.
  12. If your really worried get those compression shorts with the pocket for a cup and stuff it in there.
  13. theres a super secret gooch pocket in the regular briefs by hanes. they're good for more than choking your nut sack...
  14. Put it in medicine jar from dispensary.  Have your patient card with you.  Problem solved.
  15. Private venue can prohibit whatever they want regardless of law

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