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Best way to smoke/max high

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by MattmPsi, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. So what are your opinions on the best way to smoke to get high? I don't mean bong/pipe/blunt/etc. I mean say for example you have a bong.

    Will taking one big hit every 10 mins get you highest? Will taking rapid hits get you highest?

    In my experience I find the longer I wait between hits, the better the high. If I take one bong hit every 15 minutes, by the end of the bowl I will be fried.

    Has anyone else noticed any relation to the way they smoke and the high they get?
  2. I think, lighting the 3g at the same time.
  3. I'm an advocate of bong hits -> blunt -> more bong hits. :bongin:
  4. Smoke a bowl from a pipe to get nice and warmed up, do a couple bong rips and finish up with another bowl from the pipe. Add in bong rips and bowls accordingly.
  5. While I totally see what you're going for - finding the best way to do something - I would definitely try and focus on making yourself as comfortable and relaxed as possible, both physically and mentally, more than anything else. I'd take a small high in a comfy and relaxing environment any day over being absolutely blazed with with a scratchy shirt and tense shit on my mind!

    From that way of thinking...I'd say just take a hit whenever you're ready for one! It seems like most people's routines aren't really what physically gets them the highest, it's just what they enjoy the most.
  6. the best way ive found is to do a hotbox with 1-3 more people on my bong. we do like 3 bowls and its super hazy. last time we did my tolerance was pretty high and we were so high we spent 5 minutes peeling cuties and laughing so hard to the point we started crying

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