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Best Way To Smoke Kief

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rivalZone, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. ...without weed.:(

    I would like to use my bong too. But I have no screens and there's no headshops here...

    My options?

  2. Compress it and make hash.
  3. take the screen out of a water faucet and boil it to get the bad stuff off it then cut it to fit in the bottom of your bowl happy token :bongin:

  4. this. i used a friends kief press today and made a little hash wafer. you can just use wax paper and apply pressure, sounds like it would work well :D
  5. on top of resin lol. imo the easiest way. or tobacco if you're down with that.
  6. Thanks for the suggestions guys. But not enough to press into hash...

    Any other suggestions? :p
  7. Put it on top of your bud when you're blazin!
  8. No weed man :(
  9. If you have a vaporizer you could put it in that, but be prepared to be extremely stoned lol :smoking:

  10. tobacco is a good way to do it too if you dont want to deal with a lot of work. i just use cig tobacco and it doesnt taste the greatest but i've gotten use to it and it does the job. i roll tobacco and kief together into a kief cig. :smoking:

    i've had this theory about rolling the kief cig Really short and maybe burning it all in 1 or 2 hits but idk if it will be wasteful?? compared to a longer cig there would be less idle burning time from the time in between hits. any thoughts???
  11. i put most the kief in the front of the cig when i do it. burns funny but i think of it as a chillum.
  12. put it ontop some herbal tea lol.
    cant be too bad
  13. Compress it and make some hash. Then throw that hash into a vaporizer. :D

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