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Best way to smoke kief without weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jayjangle, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. I am unable to pick up bud until Wednesday. Luckily, there is a good bowl's worth of kief in my grinder.

    I don't use screens in my pipe, so I'm not sure how to keep the kief from just falling through the bowl hole. In this situation, I'd normally just roll a cigarette and top the kief onto the tobacco, but I don't know if this is the best way to get the kief smoked.

    I don't have a vape and I'm not in a place where knife hits are that easy to do. So what would some of my options be?
  2. I've had to empty out a little of a cigarette into the bowl so I could cover it with kief when I've been out of weed before. It's not so bad.

  3. I would do this, or scrape a bit of the resin off the bowl over the hole.
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  4. Come over, I have a vape. :p
  5. put a bit of baccy in the bottom of your pipe (just to cover the hole) place keif ontop then another small layer of baccy on top of that. Works with ashes as well.

  6. while smoking tobacco is a terrible idea in the first place, this is probably your best bet
  7. Take the keef put it on a table and keep pressing it until it turns into a ball and then drop it in the bowl and smoke, it will stay a ball until its beat.
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  8. Haha why is everyone saying to put tobacco in a bowl? If u already smoke ciggarettes then just smoke a cig likme normal but ash into the bowl and once ur a little past halfway on the ciggarette u should have enough in the bowl to act as a screen just give it a slight press but not too hard or u can clog it and be careful doing this with a bub or a bong I've had my keif shoot out from the pressure inside when the water re levels and its no fun when its all u got but good luck
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  9. In no situation will tobacco ever touch my bong. Probably because I don't smoke them :smoking:

    If you have any marijuana ash left over in a tray I would use that. Second to that maybe cigarette ash. I would probably use a ball of rolling paper in the bottom of my bowl before tobacco anything.

    Personally I would press it into a piece and smoke small slabs (which are shaped to not fall through the bowl)
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  10. Put some Kief along one side of the bowl, hold at an angle and slowly hit it like you're smoking hash. Or scrape some Rez off the bowl to cover the hole then top with kief. Or break up a stem and place it at the bottom to cover the hole then top with Kief. Or grab a dried out skinny stick from outside, break it up and cover the hole, then top with Kief. Or just drop it into the hole of your pipe, then hit like a resin hit and get über blazed.
  11. Id press it into hash if you have atleast .3+
  12. My dealer gave me a bag of super fine grinded bud and I haven't had anything to use in my bong as a base nug so I tore off a little piece of paper from a notebook and used it as a base nug and it worked fine, just tasted smoky once I got to the bottem of the bowl.
  13. Not to thread jack but I have an unbelievable amount of kief and idk what to do with it can I make something out of it? I pulled the trigger and bought the mflb so I was wondering could I vape all my kief?
  14. agreed. im a long time cigarette smoker and find it nearly impossible to quit because i love smoking weed with tobacco.
  15. Could do that too, or roll it up into a scrap of rizla paper pretty loosely (like a lil xmas present) and smoke it in a bowl the way people do with joints without a cardboard roach
  16. Flatten the kief into a pill kinda shape with a bank card or something then rip that shit. Make sure you press down really hard so it doesn't come apart and come through the hole
  17. I usually take a little bit of blunt roach or just a piece of a swisher and cover the little hole in my bowl, the put kief on top. works just fine. sometimes i poke lil hole in the tobacco paper.

  18. one time isnt going to kill you

    i do not smoke cigarettes, and i said ash as well

    yea i dont smoke them either, but its probably the easiest thing, or second easiest to ash. If your that fussy about baccy in your bong just wash it after, and a little bit wont make it smell/taste weird. Ive actually used the ball of rolling paper method once to smoke kief.
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  19. Thanks for the responses, very interesting methods. I've never heard of rolling kief into a ball prior to smoking; it's a good idea.

    I ended up just using a small amount of tobacco in my cheaper pipe and then piled the kief on top. I got really high off of that kief bowl, surprisingly considering the kief came off of mids.

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