Best way to smoke inside hands down FOOLPROOF

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    So I think I came up with the best tool for stoners that live with their parents. Better than a sploof or smokebuddy. No smell, and no smoke. 
    I got a 6 foot long 1 1/4 piece of black hose (clear would be cooler IMO), you can get it at any hardware store, and attached the end pieces off an old hookah hose. I put one end out my window and the other in my lap. Take a bong rip, cover the bowl, blow the smoke through the hose and out the window. The only smoke that will get out is if you don't cover the bowl fast enough and that can easily be avoided if you're careful. 
    If you've heard about this, then ignore this post but if not then try this out because it works great. No one has ever suspected a thing and Ive been using this for months. Let me know what you think.

  2. Just pack enough for 1 hit to avoid smoke coming from bowl. But I don't mind walking to my window after each hit. But oil makes it easy since I might normally only do 1 or 2 dabs at a time instead of 15 trips back and forth just to get high Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  3. This is what i used to use when i lived at home, exept it was a long piece of hose i snipped off. works perfect. 
  4. invented lol
  5. Yeah I always pack one hitters when I'm inside, and i used to walk across the room too but since my window is all the way across the room from where i smoke its kind of annoying especially if I'm playing video games or something lol
  6. I take single hits at a time and blow it through a smoke buddy. Works perfectly fine and takes less steps than blowing through a tube going out of the window. How do you smoke with a smoke buddy?
  7. Well I smoke a lot per day so this way I dont have to keep spending money on smokebuddies when they stop working. This is also a lot cheaper than one smokebuddy and will last longer than anything else
    Get a goat and keep it in your room to cover the smell.
  9. Don't bother with PVC just stick a hose out the window and blow the smoke out that
    This came across my mind every now and then. It would be a good idea if you have no window screens or easily removable window screens.
    Though I ain't too keen on destroying my own at the moment unfortunately.  :laughing:
  11. It's a good idea anyway just because that way no smoke will blow back in the window. If you don't do it right I've seen an entire hit go out the window and come right back in
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    Or kill two birds with one stone. Use a TP roll (if paranoid, a paper towel roll) and shove that slut full of downy sheets and a few TP sheets at the end where you blow ouf of, and crimp the other end. Not only does it cover the smell of that lovely herb, but it also makes your room smell like a flower quiefed in your air ducts :yay:
  13. children are so cute when they think they can hide the smell of SMOKING pot in the house...
  14. [quote name="snoopdog6502" post="19377307" timestamp="1390270171"]Get a goat and keep it in your room to cover the smell.[/quote]Lmao I thought that was a joke.Are you actually thinking of getting a goat?Speaking of strange pets, I always wanted a chicken or a duck.~1996 Jiggawattz~
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    ......or you could just be a big boy and get your own place so you no longer need to go to elaborate lengths just so you can smoke weed indoors, lol
  16. You know this is for people who live with their parents?
  17. No, I'm not trying to hide the smell because there is nothing you can do to fully make it disappear. Trust me everyone in my house knows I smoke in my room, I would just rather not let smoke out into the rest of my parents house.
  18. Like the title of this thread is literally about smoking indoors
  19. I think my way is easier...inhale, exhale, repeat
  20. Just take a damn (not dripping) towel stick it on the bottom of your door. The take the same towel and twirl it in the air. It will clear the smell out of the air. Sounds funny yes, but I've used it for years. I still do cause it freshens the air at the same time. (And my hubby get bitchy when he comes to bed and the room smells like smoke)Blurring the lines between what is Unreal and real.

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