Best way to smoke for a new toker?

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  1. i've been puffin' for a while, and i remember my first time blazing kinda sucked very high anxiety and not well planned out

    this chick im dating has never smoked before, and she would like to try it...obviously im gonna make sure its a real chill environment at someones house, not smoking out in public or anything, so we can just get high and relax...

    my question for gc...

    what do you think would be the best most pleasurable method to introduce a new toker to? blunt? joint? bong? bowl? vape? what do you guys think?
  2. a blunt would probably be nice and smooth....but u could ask her....or just do all of them lol
  3. Vape. Why the fuck would you want to inhale burning smoke that makes you cough a lung and fills up your lungs with tar?

    The taste is absolutely rancid compared to vapor anyways.
  4. If you have a vap then that is best for first time, you wont be coughing, cotton mouth and no red eye. If you dont go with the vap and have enough weed roll one ot two J's. Outa all my glass and vaps I still love a good old fashion J, just feels like its the way herb is supossed to be smoked.
  5. Either way to make your/her first time better focus on the place you do with and its best if everyone is confrtable with each other, turn the lights down a bit, get some chill tunes (echo movement comes to mind) lock the door put a funny move on and have it ready for later, grab some snakes, get some drinks for everyone. and puff on the magic dragon.
  6. Joint without a doubt, girls love joints.
  7. 1. Vape
    2. Bong
    3. Pipe
    4. Joint
    5. Blunt
  8. Palma Dutch- if its your first time i wouldnt have wanted to smoke a vaporizer my first time - thats me though - most girls willl smoke a good blunt
    hope it helped
  9. joint.
  10. I'd say either a joint or a bowl. They both just really easy. A lot of people who have never smoked before have trouble with bongs, just don't get how to hit them yet. Vap would be a good idea too, if you have one.
  11. I'd say a joint or small bubbler would be best. A joint is just easy and to the point, very easy for noobs, but if you wanna hit some glass, a bubbler would give a smooth little hit that wont be as harsh as a dry piece and it wont make a massive hit that a bong would.
  12. I'd say pipe just cause I started with one and they're pretty straight forward. Vape is a good choice, but I dunno, it doesn't seem traditional enough. If you're going to do weed, shouldn't you try smoking it first?

  13. vaporizing is this newfangled thing. its not traditional. weed is meant to be SMOKED. go with a joint. its the most basic, pure, and elementary form of smoking marijuana.

    Its what i would have wanted. I got a fucking tin toker.
  14. My favorit way of toking is a bubbler smoothness of a bong it looks artistic and its stealthy its not everyday where u wanna bring out the bong
  15. Bubbler, vape, or joint.

  16. You're gonna try and scare her with snakes? Bad idea
  17. Vape would be least harsh, but for a first time, use a pipe.

    Pipe's are probably the easiest to actually smoke from, light it for her. Make sure you teach her how to smoke. (How to inhale, to hold for 5 seconds, not to swallow, to inhale directly into lungs, ect.)

    If she's never smoked before be sure to teach her those. Also, on the first time, get her super high. :smoking:
  18. Snake = A Throbing Cock

    Either he's participating in circle jerks, or suggests pounding off to get ready. :laughing:
  19. 1. Vape - if it's available, it's the smoothest hit and you can make sure someone takes the whole hit
    2. Bongs - same reason as vape, the smoke is visible and the hit is so big that you cannot help but get high as long as you inhale all of the smoke
    3. Joints - this is a distant third but a lot of people are comfortable with joints because they feel the understand how they work because cigarettes are so common


    In general, when I'm smoking out somebody for the first time, I make sure it's chill because you don't want somebody to freak out. Then, I make sure they have to take a huge, visible hit that can't avoid getting them up. Then, I provide some quality munchables.
  20. Idk... bong or bubbler as long as they don't overdo the hit, because the cooling of the water may make it not feel bad enough at first, so they might overdraw.

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