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Best way to smoke discretely? (hide from housemates)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tsmith3402, Aug 11, 2011.

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    Long story short, I recently moved out on my own.

    I'm sharing a house with 3 other individuals, who are home periodically. They are nice, friendly people but we haven't yet discussed pot smoking. My guess is they wouldn't necessarily want it in the house.

    However, with my new found independence, I do want to smoke. I'm not a "stoner" but 1-2x weekly I indulge. I have enough privacy that I think it's possible to smoke without them noticing or being bothered by it.

    Question: What is the best and most discrete way to smoke? I'm willing to do it outside. My best idea right now is to use a Bat and smoke on my balcony. It will look like I'm smoking a cigarette and the smoke will rise into the air. Unless they are outside they won't see me doing it or smell it. If neighbors walk by I will just act like I'm smoking a cigarette. Will that work?

    Another concern is being evicted. Have any of you renting ever been confronted or punished for smoking, or do Landlords usually look the other way as long as you pay your bills?

    PS. Vaporizing isn't an option yet. I'm going probably going to buy one soon. But for now I need the best discrete, non-vaporizing way. I'm also in a Non-MMJ state.
  2. Smoking a joint or two can't hurt.
  3. Yah, man. No one will catch you if you've got a balcony. Shouldn't have to worry about smell either. I say go for it.
  4. Smoking a joint outside won't hurt man. Just be careful, make sure you won't be bothered at the time and keep saving for that vape because then you'll be able to chill inside and toke. Better get it before the rainy season too!
  5. I always found that smoking joints/blunts made me smell really smokey.
  6. "Landlords usually look the other way as long as you pay your bills?"
    My past experiences have never encountered the landlord's curious ambition to bust the people renting from them.

    Smoking on the balcony is simple and discreet, but the smell may linger around for a bit. That would be my primary concern and probably deter me from staying longer in the same spot. But who knows? Paranoia affects me, too.
  7. 1. Smoke a bowl outside at night. No one will see you.

    2. Fill a papertowel roll with dryer sheets and smoke a bowl out of your window and blow the smoke thru that. Should prevent any smell.

    3. Roll a spliff and smoke it outside. No one should really care and the tabacco will masks the weed smell.

    4. BUY A VAPORIZER. They even have portable butane ones that look like a walky talky. It'll save you weed too. And if you save your vaped weed you can cook with it. Win win.
  8. Wow thanks for all of the response so far. You guys are some cool people :smoke:

    I'm not much of a joint roller. More of a pipe/ glass guy. (Though I'm always game if somebody else twists it up)

    That said - what about using a Bat outside or on the balcony?? Mine is painted to look exactly like a cigarette
  9. I live in an apartment. I have a neighbor directly bellow me that dislikes pot smoke and the neighbor under them smokes pot.

    I have had three complaints against myself. The first I stopped smoking inside. The second I told my landlord I had been outside. The third I finally told him I had been away for a week. No more complaints since.

    As for hiding it from your housemates, go for a walk. I used to go for a drive and blaze a little. Then I would grab a burger, put in eye drops and wash my hands. Nobody could tell.


    I like joints and blunts, but my glass pipe is awesome. I frequently smoke from my spoon on the balcony. Your one hitter is gonna be great but a spoon will taste better.
  10. Yeah. I have smoked joints inside with the window open and exhaled through a sploof... it works wonders.

    I used an empty 20oz soda bottles with the five nubs on the bottom cut off and then stuffed with 4-5 dryer sheets, put the mouth of the bottle to your mouth and exhale. It just smells like laundry. Had a non-smoking friend over once and he said he couldn't smell even a hint of weed being in the same room with me while I did it.

    The only thing that smelled was my hands, which I would wash when done.
  11. Get a vape. No smell, and you can cook with your vape leftovers.
  12. Jays are great for stealth because you can always eat the evidence quickly if need be. The cigarette looking bat works great too because you just load a snap at a time and it looks like a cig, but it is still paraphernalia if you get caught with it by the po po. Since you are only worried about your room mates and I doubt they are cops...the bat should be perfect. Vapes are the winner here up and get one!
  13. Just take a pipe and smoke out of that, kinda conceal it
  14. Landlord's don't hide in the bushes and try to find tenants smoking weed...You'll probably be fine on the balcony.

    One hitters or spoons would be best for stealth...even if you eat a Joint, the smell will linger on your hands and possibly clothes, depending on how the wind is blowing and how long you're holding the joint without hitting it. Also if you have to eat a joint because your room mate walks out on the balcony, it would suck to waste that much weed.

    Smoke spliffs maybe?
  15. I agree - I think the Bat will work perfectly. Unfortunately I don't have a Dugout case, so packing it will be a pain.

    I'll just grab like 2 little nugs and pack a 2nd one if necessary

    [​IMG] <- Life saver, haha
  16. The one hitter will do you good, bro. I've actually used a one hitter that was painted to look like a cigg at the mall once. Walked right by a cop too, shit was sketchy but hell he didn't say anything to me.
    The bat will definitely work for stealth smoking and quick hits. You'll be fine bro!

    I have one of those ^^ :D
  17. You can get a carbon filter, No Smoke No Smell you just blow into them. I got mine a spencers and it works really well I smoke in my living room at night.
  18. Get a j roller if you can't roll or just practice and get a smoke buddy forsure. Then you can smoke a spoon inside completely undetected
  19. Update

    Felt like taking the plunge yesterday. No housemates were home and my buddy was over (he doesn't smoke). Went outside on the balcony with the Bat. Smoked it, came back in and packed another one real quick. Smoked that one and called it a day. I was really high.

    I had a ceiling fan on. After I was done I febreezed my room and the balcony area. Let the febreeze marinate for about 5 minutes then cracked open the sliding door that goes out to the balcony. Kept the fan on and cracked my bedroom door open a little bit. My idea was to just let the area ventilate, and I sprayed some more febreeze. Put my bud, the pipe and lighter in a little pyrex container (smell proof or damn near close) and then hid that in my dresser.

    My friend said the smell was minimal. He couldn't smell it anywhere in the house, only a little bit in my room where I was keeping the weed. We went to the strip club and I had an awesome time. Not to mention really ripped.

    By the time I got home my housemates were back and already in bed. Honestly unless they come up to me today and tell me my room smelled like weed (by the time we left the sober friend I was with told me there was .01% chance of that) then it was mission accomplished

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