Best Way To Ship A Glass Bong?

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    I have to ship a glass bong and I need some opinions or some Blades with experience in this area my goal is to get a proper size box along with bubble wrap and packing peanuts. My biggest fear is FedEx not handling the package with care and it being broke while in their possession, if anyone has ever shipped a glass bong with success please explain how you did so.

  2. I've used tape and bubble wrap normal tape that you use to wraps gifts for people is what I use Scotch tape I think its called take some bubble wrap lay it down on a flat surface put the piece in the middle wrap it up really good tape it take another piece of bubble wrap and repeat the process I always use an abundant amount just to be safe fill up your box with peanuts I'd say about 1/4 of the way put the piece in the dump more peanuts on top make sire you tell the company its a fragile item inside so they put a fragile sticker on your putter box just for the extra safety precaution

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  3. I had an idea for this once. okay. here goes.
    wrap your item in bubble wrap as standard. I'd go with 3-4 layers of that. then lay it down on some newspaper and cover it with packing peanuts. then roll the newspaper up around it. I'd imagine that'll withstand a lot of torture. I'd even put packing peanuts around the wrapped item inside the box. hope things go well with whatever it is you're doing. 
  4. Buy 6" thick foam insulation padding and swaddle your bong in it. Then clearly mark on all 6 sides of the box "FRAGILE: Contains glass"
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    Wrap the bong, cushion all sides of the box. Tape the bong to the bottom of the box and pack it tight with peanuts, then pray... Lol
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    If it is large and you're worried about it being mistreated, you need to double box it.  90% of tubes I have shipped are double boxed, if it's over a couple hundred bucks its worth it.  The foam/peanut combination will more than likely work just fine as above stated, just make sure the glass is secure and doesnt move around in the box.
    Also, USPS is the quickest/most economic route nearly every time
  7. Thanks for all your replies and experience I will package it up this weekend and ship out Monday, I already have a prepaid shipping label through FedEx so I hope they are carful! 
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    Pay for the insurance and get the peace of mind that if they don't mind your piece you will be reimbursed the value.
    Double boxing is your friend.  
    Bubble wrap the piece in several layers and don't skimp on the tape.  If it's a stemless piece make sure the space in between the "downstem" and the tube is filled in with bubble wrap, and then wrap that up good.  Get a box fill it a little less than half way with styrafoam peanuts (you want the glass piece in the middle of all the padding), put the wrapped up glass in, fill it close to the top with peanuts, lay down a piece of cardboard that is the length and width of the box on top (helps make the top sturdier), little bit of peanuts on top of that and seal the box.
    Then get a bigger box, layer of styrafoam peanuts or foam or whatever, put sealed up box in that, fill it with peanuts and seal it up.
    The box in a box isolates the piece from vibrations.  I won my schools egg drop contest in 6th grade  :yay:
    Make sure the box has a sticker: fragile glass handle with care.
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    whenever ive got a bong in the mail, it was a box in a box.  Like a package in a package..... No fail here, 2x bubble wrap and box. Good Luck Bro.

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