Best way to roll a Swisher cigarillo?

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  1. I went through almost a whole pack and only got one good blunt out of it. Anyone have some tips?
  2. Practice makes perfect, took me years. Try youtubing blunt rolling, may pick up a few tips. Until then dont waste your bud, practice with oregeno.
  3. Swishers, for me, are much harder than a dutch cigarillo(de-leaf, split, re-leaf). Haven't tried many others. Here's my method for the swishers, works well for me:

    1. Split it, down seam preferably; can be found by holding under light and looking for line that runs all the way down the blunt, or just rub your fingers at the end to get some tobacco out and find it. I find a razor blade works best.

    2. Evenly spread weed down length

    Here's where it differs, for me, from different blunts

    3. Start rolling in the center of the blunt instead of an end. I start in the center, get it nice and tight, then work in either direction toward the end. Repeat on opposite side.

    4. If you like filters(crutch, whatever), like I do, just roll one up and slip it in the narrower end. You will probably need to loosen up the blunt on that end and tighten it around the filter to get it nice and sexy.

    Pro-tip: If the outer leaflets start to come off, just lick them. You can kind of tear them off but it will burn quicker.

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