best way to roll a blunt?

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  1. Im looking for details in techniques to rolling. I can roll myself a decent enough joint, but Ive always needed a crutch. I rolled my first blunt in years last night and i couldnt get the damn thing to pull very well. eneded up dumping it out and rerolling into j papers. are there some wraps/cigars that make better blunts than others? also whats the best way to roll the mouth piece?
  2. I'm lazy... I just unpack the blunt of all its tobacco roll a couple crutches to slide into one end and pack weed in the other end pushing it down with the smooth end of a pen. I preferably use swisher minis and whatnot as they are smaller so it only takes 1-1.5 grams depending how tight I want it

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  3. With your hands!!

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  4. Minis would be a bitch to roll anyway I would think... unless it's a small blunt I guess! Back in the day when I smoked blunts we used swisher sweets..the regular sweet. Or optimos..the green ones. I think my favorite was the blunt wraps tho...they had some awesome flavors.

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  5. so i bought a 2 pack of games last night, and tried to 2step the roll. it was all good until the wrap cracked about 3/4 of the way down and wouldnt stay together. i also had a very hard time getting the blunt to seal. even after putting the leaf back on it felt quite saggy. on the contrary my joints are fire AF, but theres also quite a bit of glue to help it hold.

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  6. Keep licking to seal it and when it’s a bit sealed but still coming off run a lighter or any type of heat around the Dutch for a minute or two and it’ll seal itself tightly and when rolling make sure not to fold it tuck ur fingers and Roll and if ur used to joints roll with backwoods the paper is very thin similar to join paper

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  7. With your hands:confused_2::laughing:
  8. Split it, empty it, wet it. Some people like to lick the wrap, I think the paper usually tastes nasty if it's cigarillo paper so I opt to lick my fingers and spread that on the wrap. Not too wet or it will tear, but wet enough so that you can lay it relatively flat. Line with weed, filter or no filter, and VERY slowly roll it in your fingers like a joint to compress and pack the weed. Wet blunts are easy to rip so be very careful. After that you just roll it like a joint, wet the absolute fuck out of the seam, and bake it with a lighter. Constant motion of the blunt over the flame should ensure it doesn't catch.
  9. with weed.
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  10. Honestly I just use a glass blunt when I want something I can just chill with. It is essentially a glorified pipe.
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  11. I personally learned how to roll blunts before papers, papers tore too easily for my hands.
    First were blunt wraps and garcia vegas then eventually swissers and white owls.

    Havent smoked a wrap in 7 years, but if you can learn to roll a blunt wrap or learn to rewrap a garcia vega then you can roll any blunt out there.

    I smoked swissers for a while but they become too harsh for me so I switched to white owl sweets, the red pack.
    White Owl Sweets and the Garcia y Vega Cigarillo Candela are the best things around, but vegas can crack easy.

    Best of luck mate, it takes time. But after about a year youll be on point. Summer outta high school I bought a whole box of swissers and used them all summer, since then everything is pearlin.
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    I made this step by step guide on youtube. It has helped ALOT of people roll their first blunt. I hope this helps everyone here!

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  13. If you want the easiest blunts to use tryout these zig zag wraps they're relatively easy to roll they don't tear easy plus you can use as little weed as u want Screenshot_20181115-162323.jpg

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  14. I live in Jersey and this is the OG way of rolling here. Dutch Masters Original, you gut it (break it) at the seam. Throw the tobacco out (guts) and take the glue paper (cancer paper) off and throw that out. What your left with is what you'll roll with. Get it a little moist, huff on it like if your cleaning your glasses so you can get it moist and not over wet. When breaking up weed or grinding make sure there are no stems (this will pierce your blunt wrap and cause it not to hit). I like to break up my weed by hand and leave the weed not too fine. If you grind your weed to fine it will get in your mouth when you are hitting it (scooby snacks). I like my weed with chunks, fill up the wrap, tuck and roll. Don't over wet it or you will cause it to rip. Be minimal on the wetness. Enjoy.
  15. When I still smoked I could roll some pearls I was always the one my squad would throw a blunt to that the messed up lol. I mixed in different ways ive seen some the other people used to roll to, im my opinion, get a pretty nice L. I personally like rolling it with a slight cone shape because it looks nice and not as many roll like that. I found that the easiest amount of bud to put in a swisher, white owl, or my favorite a game wrap is about .7 to .8 of a g. I started by putting an even amount all the way through with about a half inch on the sparked end empty. You only need 3 fingers to roll so make an H with your middle fingers as the horizontal part and pointer fingers as the top part. then with the wrap sitting at the base of your thumbs lightly start rolling it with your thumb and middle finger starting at the mouth of the blunt. Start the shape and continue up the rest of the blunt, a good roll starts with the mouth peice. Once you get the mouth peice nice start to tuck it buy rolling it under the the flap, this can take some practice to get in on your first shot. Now that you have it semi tight lick it and fold it over the rest of the way. Keep goin up the rest of it. Pay attention to the line the seal is leaving if its not straight the blunt wont be straight. Your almost done, now using something skinny pack the sparked end if done right it shouldn't need packed much. I always used either end of my shoelace or a headphone jack. Now this is the reason I leave a little space at the end. A blunt will usually run because the wrap is not evenly dried, so spark the empty part and burn it off. you will notice the seal is longer than the other side. Time to cure the seal, run your flame up and down the seal until the longer part at the end is even with the rest. Now kick back throw on some tunes and smoke away. When you get this down pretty good you can roll a gram pinner or a 7 gram swisher with two wraps side by side for those special occasion blunts.

    Use to smoke over an ounce of just blunts and the occasional bong pack everyday and 1 gram with a Game wrap lasted for at least 30 minutes with perfect air flow with very very rarely getting a run in it.
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    Lmfao you call the glue on the blunts "cancer paper" but the whole blunt is cancer since it's tobacco
  17. Good tips

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