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  1. I pulled off a few of the smaller buds from my plant to sample, but I don't wanna smoke wet herb. I know that quick drying ruins flavor and some potency, but I still want to test some before I chop. Other than microwaving (hate it), what are some good ways to quickly dry some small nugs? By quick, I mean within a 24 hour period. Or should I just smoke it wet?

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  2. I don't know about 24hrs, unless you do the methods you mentioned above. But I had a few buds I clipped early, salvaged them from bud rot. Didn't want to throw away it all, so what I salvaged I placed in a brown paper bag & added some shredded paper in with it.. they dried out in a day or two enough that you could probably smoke it..  might work in your case.. dunno. Gotta have patience man :D it pays off in the end..
  3. Yeah I feel you, I'll try your method. Thanks for the input

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  4. I wonder if you could throw it in a bag of rice like you do with a cell phone that gets wet?
  5. Put a couple small buds in an airtight glass jar and then place it over a standing pulot light or in an oven set to about 250degrees. The moisture in the buds will evaporate in the jar which will keep the outside from crisping. Just open the jar every 60-90 secs and let out the moisture and you shoyld have some evenly dried bud in about 30 mins.
  6. buy a food dehydrator.
  7. If its sunny out, sit the bud on our dashboard...drys within hours...

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  8. best way to quick dry is to not quick dry
  9. Ive put a few buds next to where the fan blows out of my laptop for an hour or so and it seemed to work and not completely ruin the bud
  10. chop it up with sissors lay it out on a magazine or something.  Wait 8 hrs or overnight.  Smoke.  I do it all the time with excellent results.
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