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  1. Hey everyone ! I just got a tube and some butane and I plan on trying to make some BHO! What's the best way to purge my BHO to get rid of the butane ? Does anyone know of any good step by step videos ?
  2. Dude I got a tube today also I plan on doin it like this guy
  3. fuck wax/budder dude just let it sit on that pyrex for like 12hrs on some low heat (100F and below) and get some dank shatter/sap

    Low-N-Slow FTW! Don't whip your errlz unless you like trapped tane and increased oxidation ;)
  4. Dude is shatter or sap just bho? I'm cool w that and it sounds ez enough. So just what ?...100degrees 12 hours?
  5. yeah man its just BHO that isnt filled with air so its clear or transparent. It really is as easy as spray, let the liquid tane evap and when theres little to no activity, bring it inside and set it on the heat. Trust me, the long wait is worth it, you don't want to smoke underpurged oil do you? so basically your oil should be ready when theres no bubbles left in the dish.
  6. What do I put the Pyrex on a griddle set to 100???
  7. yup thats it exactly :)
  8. well some people will scrape it into the middle of the dish to continue purging but I dont see why. Leaving it unscraped while purging is going to have the most surface area for tane and moisture to escape.
  9. Cool man thanks way easier have a happy new year!
  10. yeah no problem man you too!
  11. I'm gonna put it in my oil attachment for my atmos raw pen man message me if you have any more pointers for me
  12. Hey man do know the % thc on something like this generally?
  13. you would have to get it tested at a lab

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