Best way to promote growth in seedlings?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by clarebearr, Oct 27, 2014.

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    Hi guys  :wave:
    So the seedling I'm currently growing from a bag seed is losing her first true leaves, due to my own mistakes as a first-time grower (oops). 
    Now I am looking for a bit of advice. I'd like to give her something to promote new growth. I really want to get another set of leaves growing so she has a shot at survival. I've heard stories of seedlings bouncing back from worse, so I have hope she can survive. 
    So far I've heard blood and bone meal, kelp/aloe vera tea, and compost tea as ways to promote new growth that won't harm a seedling.
    What works best in your experience? What will be the best option for a sick seedling?
    (Growing in coco fiber, 3x CFLs (20 real watts each, 1190 lumens, 6500K), using a fan as ventilation, lights are run 17/7)
    Thanks everyone! Happy growing  :D

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    hi clarebearr ,,,,if you are using a shop bought soil/compost theres really no need to add any thing to it to promote growth as the soil/compost mix will have all things in there to get good growth ,,adding more will damage the seedling,,,,what i would do if the seedling is losing its first true leaves is if you can start another seed off,,,,it sounds like this one is going to give up growing ,,,mac
     ps if you and can get the money together try and get seed from a seed bank ,,,just try a cheap line of seed not to expensive ,and if you can try a female seed,,,,,,,but in the mean time get a book on groiwing..and look up chapters on small or micro grows,,,ed rosenthal or jorge cevantes  both have books on small grows ,,i am sure you could adapt them to what suits you ,,,mac
  3. In my limited experience growing from seed, I have found that as long as the basics for plant growth are supplied there is nothing you need to or should add to a seedling to promote new growth. I've lost 1 from planting in soil that was too hot for seedlings combined with overwatering. I've got another one that is stunted, but slowly recovering, from nutrient burn. In those kinds of cases you should really correct the underlying issue first, then LITFA to let nature do its thing.
    That's what I did with mine which is in a hempy bucket, I even kind of neglected it while focusing on my other healthy plant, then when I payed attention to it again I noticed a lot of new healthy growth.
    Good luck!
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    You can't do anything, If it makes it it makes it. You could cut a water bottle in half and mist your seedling and cover it with that. It would promote root growth but not leaves. You just have to make sure you most every 24 hours and start to ween it off the dome into fresh air slowly to harden it off. If anything good roots make good leaves. I have to agree with Mac though, you should just plant another seed.
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    one of my seeds/seedlings is way smaller a behind my other seedling/plant,,,dont know if if will make it or remain stunted ,so ive started another seed off just in case the other dont make it,,,,,,,thats the thing with seed just never know if one is going to fail ya,,ya cant tell till the seed starts growing ,,,like animals theres always a runt in the litter,,,,,,,mac

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