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Best way to prevent weed from drying out?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TheDude33, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. I currently double bag and put in a mason jar. This keeps my bud fresh for a few weeks but then it slowly begins to dry out and lose some of the strength of the smell.

    I was told vacuum sealing was the best way to keep it fresh however this isn't a practical solution for an actively used stash that constantly need to reopen. Are these vacuum jars the best solution? You can pull the air out every time you open and close the jar. This one appears to be the most popular/well reviewed:
  2. If vacuum sealing only doesn't work because of needing to get into it, the answer is obvious. Seal it in small batches in multiple bags. You can always seal the bag material into smaller bags, cut it down to grams, 1/8ths, 1/4s, whatever you need for how quickly you go through it. Then you only ever have a small amount open.
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  3. What about the jar I linked, wouldn't that be much easier and less of a hassle than 15 bags?
  4. Mason jar and Bovida packs.
    I've kept bud fresh for over a year with this.
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  5. [​IMG]
    1/2 gallon mason jars are about 2 bucks each at walmart or Ace hardware.
    60 gram size is a good match for that size jar. 62% is the perfect humidity spot.
    Been storing pounds this way for years.
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  6. Are you guys not reading what I wrote? Mason jars are not adequate, there is still air in there and the weed starts drying out after a few weeks. Look at the vacuum jar I linked. Has anyone used one of those?
  7. Once the air around the weed is dry enough Moisture will flow out of the weed (where it is in a high enough concentration) into the air in the bag or jar (where there is less 'moisture' since the air is dry). At a given temperature I suspect moisture will flow down the concentration gradient (from high to low concentration like it does in physics and chemistry) from the weed to the surrounding air. To prevent this vaccuum seal. A simple jar or bag with air in it will not do. Same goes for leaving your weed out of the bag too long in an open room for storage...

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  8. Once again, I realize that. Did you read my OP? What about the vacuum jar I linked.
  9. I think you just want to buy a vacuum jar
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  10. Having to redo the vacuum seal each time you open it sounds incredibly irritating, and I would grow tired of that instantly. Small bags of an amount you could use in a week or two would seem a lot easier if you're stuck on vacuum seal. You can buy a roll of bag material that is sealed on the sides, and just create whatever size bags you need. It's under $20 for a 50 foot roll...
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  11. ah dude. your problem is in your first post.

    "this isn't a practical solution for an actively used stash that constantly need to reopen"

    mason jars, the kind of used in canning, are airtight and can stay that way for YEARS. if you get that fancy container itll do the same thing as your jars. you know why? cause you keep on opening it up.

    you need to keep a main stash in the jar and maybe take out only what youll use in a week and keep that in a separate container.
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  12. Good point. However, I never know how much I'm gonna use in each sitting.
  13. You are kind of contradicting yourself. You are looking for long term storage but concerned about how much you will use in any given sitting? How about we establish this first....
    How much weight do you normally have?
    How long does said amount normally last you?

    There you have it. Vacuum seal any amount that you feel will last you over one month based on what you normally smoke. Everything else should be placed in a mason jar with easy access. In addition to mason jar, a good practice is to keep mason jar in cabinet away from steady light. Some people wrap their jar in paper towel or use black tape on outside to keep it nice and dark.
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  14. I think he did read what you wrote. Did you miss the part that said use boveda packs? They prevent it from drying out or getting too moist. They work really well.

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  15. See the Bovida packs keep the bud at a constant humidity level. It will keep your marijuana from drying out. The vacuum jar is a waste of time and money. They do not keep the seal constant under vacuum.

    Mason jars are a couple dollars and the Bovida packs are a couple dollars at a tobacco shop. We that grow and keep a good sized head stash find this to be the perfect solution to having our flowers get too dry. You can open them daily or leave them closed for literally months. It will stay at 62% humidity inside the jar leaving your buds at a perfect dryness.
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  16. Right on, thanks for the info. Where do I get that stuff and how/where do I place it in the jar? Is it safe/organic and isn't it still going to lose potency to the outside air's damaging effects?

    Lastly, I'm glad you mentioned the vacuum jar never 100% sealing it. What about vacuum sealing machines/bags?
  17. I've always bought my bovada packs off of the Wallyworld website and anywhere In the jar really... if it's freshly harvested bud I put the packs on the bottom. Seems safe to me I haven't had a problem with them... it's just got a liquid type substance in the pack and it controls the humidity and keeps it at whatever the humidity for that pack is... now if you somehow tore the package I doubt that would be good for the weed but they don't tear easy.

    Robs New Journal RQS SQ#1 Clones

    Robs New Journal RQS SQ#1 Clones
  18. How much is a vacuum sealer? Most of the units I looked at had multiple reviews saying they don't actually get an air tight seal.
  19. How much is a good vacuum sealer that works? Most of the units I looked at had multiple reviews saying they don't actually get an air tight seal.
  20. What kind of drugs are you on son?
    As stated:
    Mason jars available at Walmart, Kmart and pretty much any grocery store in the United States of America.

    Bovida packs are available at any head shop or tobacco shop here again in these entire United States of America.

    If you can't obtain these items at said stores, then you are not of age and therefore should not be posting on this website.
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