Best way to preserve shrooms?

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  1. Hey guys, Today I got 3 grams of Penis Envy shrooms for $30 =]
    I can't describe the smell but me and my friend both agree it smells good. I am planning on eating the shrooms this Saturday night and having my friend sober sit me (I can't find any shrooms ofr him =[)

    I will be able to smoke weed as well.

    So I have a jar for weed so I'm thinking I will hold the shrooms in there till saturday (They are a week old already)

    Is that a good idea? and when I eat them should I smoke weed after or before? Should I drink some orange juice to make it more potent? =]

    [I will take pics tonight yo]
  2. Id say keep em in the fridge, then dry them if necessary.

    The fresher they are the more intense the trip will be
  3. the best is to put them in a plastic bag, an air-tight seal is crucial, and put them in your freezer

    and u should really share some shrooms with your friend. experiences like those need to be shared, especially with first times
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    It will be my first time and his second time. We could split it in half? or maybe my friend who I bought them from will have more by saturday.

    I can't really use the fridge as I still live with my mom until I'm done with college.

    pic: (huge)
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  6. Sorry another bump. anyone else have any ideas? I'm getting a quarter of shrooms on friday and trying my shrooms on friday =]
  7. if they are already dried, then keeping them in the baggie in a cool dark place, think pantry, will suffice for a while, rem they have been dried and handled, so you are not going to affect them that much. longer than a few weeks i would air tight em and freeze em, or desicate them and put in an airtight vac sealed can. Unless you are storing long term, you dont have any worries. now if you picked em, thats a whole nother story, lol
  8. Penis Envy are supposed to more potent than other strains of Cubensis, you could probably split it with your buddy and still have a great time.
    For storage I dry them out (till they are cracker dry!) and store with a desiccant in a glass jar in a dark place.
  9. If you're getting a quarter, take 4 grams for you and 3 for him dude. Also, best way to preserve shrooms is to keep them in your stomache. They stay fresher longer.

  10. yes, u can easily split 3 grams

    1.5 for u, 1 for him

    and yeah, if not the fridge then in a box in a cool, dry place

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