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Best way to make edibles with only toastie machine (sandwich press)

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by 1209qwpo, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Would it be possible to make edibles using only a toastie machine? I was thinking decarb it in some tinfoil in the machine, then put it in a peanut butter toasted sandwich or something.
  2. Bad idea. A sandwhich press is designed to grill/sear a sandwhich. Your flower will get too hot trying to decarb on it and you'll lose a decent amount of THC. Check your craigslist for a cheapass toaster oven and decarb in that... once you've done that you can probably make a really tasty peanut butter, banana, weed grilled sandwich though
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  3. That is not going to work. Sorry. You need constant temperature of 240F for 40 minutes. People have found (recent testing done in Another Tincture thread and the Dragon Lite thread) that decarb can be done in a sealed mason jar in the oven, or a toaster oven. I suggest the sealed decarb since I figure you don't have access to your own oven and that the smell of open decarb is very strong. You really need access to an oven. Good luck.
  4. @1209qwpo
    When a nasty lung infection left me unable to toke for a month in desperation I finally just tossed a fat bud in a shot glass of Coconut oil and microwaved it till it was hot and after it cooled a bit I chugged it down. Not bad, a little crunchy but passable. 45 min later I was smiling and at the 2 hour point I was nicely toasted so in short yes it'll work. Sorta.
    What I do now is the end result of years of testing batch after batch and making small adjustments in decarb time as well as cooking times.
    Years at this I've gotten my method down to where I spend the least amount of time making the strongest meds possible. About every 10 weeks I harvest and run off the last harvest to hash and make more oil.

    Foil pouch will work. The sandwich press is likely unregulated and will just keep getting hotter so when you start to smell the weed decarbing switch it off for 10 minutes. 10 on 10 off should let you keep it down in temp to where it just browns but doesn't burn the weed.
    After decarb powder the weed as fine as possible and mix with Coconut oil (best) but any cooking oil or oily food works. Some low heat to infuse will add strength but not absolutely necessary.
    I do edible hash oil all day every day and have for years to keep my little medical issue under control so I do have somewhat of a clue how to make the stuff.
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