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Best way to make a vaporiser

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420rocketbong, Mar 24, 2012.

  1. I've smoked for about four or five months now, during this I've built various bongs just for the health element however marginal it may be but I was wondering if I can get any ideas to make a vaporiser. Previous attempts with a pen lid and a tiny jam jar went okay, but wondering if there are better ways to go about this
  2. im guessing since you said using pen lids....your the kind of person that thought that using tin foil and crap for a bowl would be safe to

    kind of ruined the healthy smoking element when you added in plastic and aluminum
  3. I know there is a light bulb method, not sure how well it works, but if you want to make a home mad vape look it up on youtube.
  4. i used a lightbulb, a straw, and the cap from a pop bottle once and it worked alright. I have heard of "vaping" with a sodering gun. Trust me though it is way better to save up and just get a decent vape. You can find really really good ones for under 200 bucks
  5. Lol no avoided the aluminium foil and bought a sneaky stealth bong but just looking for other ways to enjoy bud
  6. Make a lightbulb vape
  7. The only homemade vape I'm familar with is the lightbulb method, and I don't know about anyone else but if was a pain in the ass to get the metal part off the bulb.
    It was decent I suppose... Not something I'd use regularly. I'd just save up for a real vape sir.
  8. lightbulb vapes work, and are easy to make, but i personally dont like them. i dont think they "vape" as well as they are supposed to, they burn the weed more, and i get a weird high from them.
  9. I used a light bulb vape and it was shitty compared to the MFLB we got. We just wanted to try out vaping and it didn't work as good smoking was more efficient in my opinion
  10. Can you get as baked on like a light bulb vape compared to a bong
  11. Soldering iron with a dimmer switch... Metal bowl that will fit around the ceramic tip... Then you just have to capture the vaor some how... maybe a glass jar with a straw going up it near the metal bowl.
  12. metal pipe with and extra metal bowl. the extra bowl will have 5 to seven screens(steel), you want to create a dome like structure with the two bowls, by puting the extra on top both touching eachothers rims. just find something to hold them in place. and it will work like the vaporginie. if insterested in detailed instructions ill be willing to help you out. its stealthy as fuck and portable

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