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Best way to make a TASTY edible without smelling up house.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by jay8ighty, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Grandma just happened to fly in to see her FAVORITE grandson the week that i got a ounce of some blue cheese. -_- Anyway to make a tasty edible without smelling the house. I live with my dad and he has no problem with me smoking as long as its outside the house tho. Thanks for any help.
  2. wait til everybody is asleep and start your edible proessing!!

    if you follow badkats tutorial found in her stickied thread at the top, you should have no problem.

    many think that making oil will smell up their house. this is simply not true when you process them correctly! every time i make a batch, weekly if not sooner :p, i have no problem with the smell.

    many do not know that you should have your cookware covered and sealed with tin foil, or you should use an oven bag. this prevents all smells and will actually make you oil more potent :D

    heres the link. get an oven bag for the decarb and put your pan of oil inside the oven bag. or you can cover the pan with tin foil during the heating process and decarb. both of these will work, although the oven bag is the way to go imo.

    you will be surprised not only how potent it turns out, but how much the odor is no longer present when using the right techniques!
  3. Dude...i don't know how much I agree with the above post.......making oil usually reeeeeks...maybe I'm doing it wrong.
  4. [quote name='"Streetsaint"']Dude...i don't know how much I agree with the above post.......making oil usually reeeeeks...maybe I'm doing it wrong.[/quote]

    I guess you didnt observe my point of using oven bags and tin foil. Yes, you most certainly are doing something wrong if it is smelling up your place that bad.

    Using an oven rather than stovetop is a frequent mistake. As this doesnt give a very persistent temp. It also leaves you oil and bud mixture in the open to release terpenes and other compounds which give that smell.

    Using tin foil to cover and seal will prevent the odor and will also keep and vapors put off by high temps in there. This is key and will produce an even more potent oil for you.
  5. Now does this process smell the house in the small area around your kitchen or a few rooms? Lol

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