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Best way to lower tolerance and keep it there?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Dr. Natty Light, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. So I've been at it for about 3-4 years, and my usual method of cutting tolerance is just smoking less, but that's not really doing it for me anymore. I can't get satisfactory through a pipe anymore (just a little buzz, maybe a short high), a half gram solo blunt gets me decently good, but nothing spectacular and it's short, and 1 fat bong bowl gets me to about a 6 (to the point where I want just a little more, but my throats kinda fucked up cuz it's a huge bowl). Vaporizers work well for me, but I prefer the effects of smoking much more.

    I smoke roughly an eighth a week now (from a g+/day so I'm doing good), but I'd really like to get more out of the little I use. I've taken week long t breaks in the past, which work very well for the first two or three sessions back in the game, but then I notice my tolerance is right back where it was :(. Am I smoking too hard after my break's up, or am I just not giving it enough time?

    My urge to smoke more in a session is a much less strong in college now (in HS I'd just wanna get as high as possible every session b.c. I had nothing else to do/spend my money on), so I feel like if I can get my tolerance down a bit, it'd take much longer to rise up than it used to.

    Is there any way I can get back to the days of smoking one bowl or taking a couple bong rips and getting baked? I just wanna make MJ feel a little more special, rather than being an all day kind of thing. And like I mentioned earlier, how can I keep it this low for longer than a few days?
  2. Taking a 1 week t-break then going right back to the same routine is going to result in the same outcome and to expect anything different is well....defined insanity basically. I've found a t-break then just spacing out sessions makes the effects more profound. Smoke in the morning then again at night and you'll be pretty satisfied. Randomly take a day off sometimes then come back the next night etc..
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  3. Yeah I didn't think it through those days :smoke: What would you say is a good time to take off? More or less than a week? I'm 5'9-5'10, 160lbs and I have a pretty active lifestyle
  4. I would try for 2 weeks or if you can make it try a month. If your not using for medical reasons after the first week the general feeling of "shit I'd really love to smoke right now" goes away. If your just trying to get the most out of your weed and feel as high as possible but still smoke everyday save it for night time and relaxing, won't be like taking a week or two off then coming back but it'll definitely go a long way and you'll feel more high at least one would think haha

    In my experience you can only get so stoned, I find no matter how much i smoke the high isn't necessarily more intense but it's more prolonged. So rip a bowl and walk away
  5. Take a short t break, get the dankest bud, and use a one hitter.

    "Reach into your mind but, wash your hand's first"

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  6. Go 1 month without having the herb. Do daily workouts and drink tons of water

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  7. Well right now, I'm smoking about 2-3x a day, and the "experience" isn't really that great... ya know? I think I'd rather just smoke every other day and have a great time (and use less herb too). Finals are coming up anyway and smoking is keeping me distracted from studying, so I think taking the month of April off (with the exception of 4/20) will be good for me. Also I'm broke as hell, so I won't be tempted to buy any ;)
  8. From everything I've read on this board they recommend 30 days break. I've been smoking for 2.5 years and still have no tolerance at all. I inhale like a motherfucker though. Max 5 hits, usually 3. Also, I learned how to make canna-oil and make brownies. Awesome, totally different high, lasts a lot longer too.
  9. I vary what I'm smoking and how I'm ingesting. Keep your body guessing a bit. That's worked to keep my tolerance pretty low. Also, I'm not smoking all day every day, usually just once a day late at night.
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  10. Stop chasing different highs. I learned this to be true when I realized blue dream had a particular effect for me that other strains don't exactly offer. Just today I had one spoon bowl packed with maybe .6 and took hits all day with it, from 9am till now. The real 12 hour deal, none of that 5 hour energy crap.
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  11. Yeah man, I love those super awesome hybrids like Trainwreck that just send you to another world. I only get a strain like that once every couple months, but when I do, it's perfect. Geez, I've never seen a bowl that holds over half a G lmao.
    I'm gonna go ahead and start tapering down anyway though. I haven't smoked all day, and I have about .05-.1g of ABV in a bowl that I'm gonna take in a hit or two just to get to bed. I'm gonna try just takin a few hits at night, then eventually stop for a few weeks.
    If I took a week off, smoked lightly on the weekend, then took another week off, would the smoking during the weekend affect my t-break significantly? As long as I'm smoking less herb and much less often the tolerance still lowers, correct? I'm hella motivated to cut this shit down :)
  12. I think many people confuse tolerance with irritability. Going a few days off and then back on is only tolerance training for your wallet and spending habits. For more frugal toleration you need to learn to make that dollar go farther. Taking some time off smoking habits is not really the same as spending habits. I feel most people are addicted to spending money more so than actually enjoying what they buy.

    To answer your question, if you want your mind off smoking for a while, separate yourself from the enabling environment. If you feel weed complements your day to day functionality, then by no means do you need a T-break to regulate your flux of feelings towards weed.

    As much as I love burning money, I only love doing it excessively when it is in the form of nugs and buds. That ought to show the man who taxes whom!
  13. Workout. Fish oil. Only one session a day

    that's it

    been smoking for 5 years, everyday for 4 years.

    I workout 5-6 times a week and supplement fish oil and multivitamins daily.

    I only smoke once a day at night around 9pm. Last night I loaded up .25g into my vape. Took two drags and had to stop for 20 minutes cause I was on an easy 8 from two tokes. Granted dank Sour Cookies but still

    you know that feeling of the first smoke of the day? Yeah I get that feeling everytime!! I won't front, sometimes if a good tv show or sport game is on I may have 2-3 sessions. But the days where I only toke once, I get high as tits
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  14. I can attest to the fish oil, I can stretch a g to last me a week. Also you could try the supplement turmeric about 30-45 minutes before you smoke, it definitely gets me much higher, just make sure to take it with the fish oil if you do
  15. What exactly does the fish oil do?
  16. The fish oil basically repairs/cleans out your endocannabinoid receptors in the brain, these receptors become full when you smoke a lot and build up a tolerance. The cannabinoids in weed bind to your endocannabinoid receptors in your brain and get you high and fill up over time. If you take fish oil, you have to take it consistently for it to do anything
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  17. So basically it assists in lowering your tolerance if taken routinely?
  18. Both fish oil and smoking less. T break
  19. Yes it acts as like a vacuum (I like that word)

  20. so true. Like with my as of late tolerance i always think "fuck im not as blitzed as i could be." Then i think man your high, just relax, so what you arent as high as you used to be. Your still high or "pretty high* (depending how much u wanna smoke in a sesh) but not as you wish. After that i just chill out, and enjoy it.

    need a break soon tho... until 420!

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