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Best way to loosen downstem from bong.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stickyicky1014, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Hey blades :) Quick question. On my bong the dowstem has become permantly stuck in the bong the slide still comes in and out perfectly so it rips fine but the downstem is getting clogged and i need to remove it to clean it. It looks like the seal the happens when moisture gets in between them and they become like suctioned together. I figured like some sort of oil, probably baby oil. Please help me out what will loosen this downtstem?! :mad:
  2. idk how i can even get any butter in there its seems it would be tought for even liquid to get through there so im assuming you mean meled butter?
  3. Try WD-40

    I was joking about butter. You need something more effective than that. For some reason, this made me think of the south park episode with rob reiner
  4. You've tried slowly twisting it both ways trying to break the seal? Don't put much pressure on it but try and spin it either way. Then if not try some WD40 or ISO should work just pour ISO in the bong and shake the shit out of and some should get in there.
  5. It can work sometimes if you freeze it then run under hot water. But my friend broke his trying to twist it out. My only real advice...keep your shit clean man...not that hard
  6. wow funny ass thing i just removed mine literaly 5 minutes before seeing this thread.

    twisting as you remove it, dont apply too much pressure as to not break it.

    sounds like the rubber piece could have melted a littlebit and formed a glue like seal, so try and break it down using paint-thinner or some rubbing alchohol.

    mabey even get some watter to a small boil. place your pice in the pot. let it warm up a bit, verry gentaly now try and remove downstem, let your bong cool down naturaly, using cold watter to quickly cool it will shatter the glass!
  7. #8 Floater, Nov 29, 2011
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    Don't do this ^^. Drastic temperature changes in glass are what make it crack or end up being brittle.


    ^^ Do try to boil it then loosen it out, the hotter resin is the less sticky it is. And always let it cool naturally.
  8. [quote name='"Floater"']

    Don't do this ^^. Drastic temperature changes in glass are what make it crack or end up being brittle.


    ^^ Do try to boil it then loosen it out, the hotter resin is the less sticky it is. And always let it cool naturally.[/quote]

    True, but if it's already stuck you don't have much to lose. I think the temperature changed actually helped loosen it. But I have cracked glass doing exactly what I said. But only way it can crack is if it's poorly made and there are airbubbles that can expand and contract....I think.
  9. the stem is stuck and perfectly usable so there is much to loose, it is the air bubbles in the glass that cause the issue you describe. higher quality will have less bubbles.

    but still i would be afraid to chill it because of how brittle the glass gets.
  10. Get some liquid wrench or some kind of penetrating oil and spray it and let it sit
  11. I wouldn't use wd40 or liquid wrench. I used to used the boil method but it does cause microdamage to your glass every time you do it so breaking isn't an if it's a when. I would recommend that when you put your pieces in you use a really small amount of dish soap as lube. Just put a little on your fingers and coat the hole and the downstem or inside of the washer if you are using plastic. Slowly twist and push and it should pretty much slide into place. Rinse well and with frequent cleaning you should never have a stuck downstem again.

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