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Best way to load a bowl?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Justweed, May 27, 2009.

  1. How do you guys like to load your bowls? Sprinkle straight from the bag? Straight from the grinder? Reach in the bag and grab a few nugs?

    Personally, I sprinkle straight from my bag. (Little baggy that grams come in normally).

  2. I grind all my bud that I put in bowls. I find it makes it burn much more evenly. :D
  3. I just take weed and put it in my bowl and smoke. how else is there to smoke a bowl you put weed in and smoke.
  4. i use a peice of paper to get it from the grinder into a nicely packed bowl
  5. I buy my grams preground. Anything under 1/8 is ground from my dealer.
  6. The kief is probably taken out when you buy preground.
  7. So are the stems.

    I should also say, I buy about 10 grams at a time, so I get nugs, however I grind my bud by the nug and put that in the 1g baggies. Then from this bag over the next few days i sprinkle to my bowl from. I have a kief catch, and I plan to smoke that in seperate bowls when I'm out of weed.
  8. First you put down a layer of bigger pieces, then you have a level of the intermediates, then a nice layer of shake, and last but not least a dusting of kief. That's how I pack it. Burns very nice.
  9. Mmmm sounds tasty! I usually just put fat nugs in my bowl since it lasts longer, unless i want to smoke alot, then i will break out the grinder.
  10. I grind my herb and put it in a mason jar when I first get it. Then I put a larger piece in first then just a small teaspoon to scoop some up out of my jar and put it in my bowl. I usually smoke at home so I always have access to a spoon and it works for me.

  11. perfect
  12. I came.
  13. i wouldnt buy it ground up, the stems may be ground up as well, but thats just me ive had laced weed before so something ground up would look very suspicious to me,
  14. A little bit of nug, to cover up the hole and burn a little slower, then ground bud for the rest of the bowl that burns nice and smoothly. Finally, a bit of kief from my Wikka Box on top :)
  15. Well I personally like to grind it before loading a bowl. Then i just take a pinch and put it in the bottom of the bowl(but gotta make sure its a bigger chunk so it doesn't come through) then i just dip the bowl into the bag and press it. If i got it i throw some kief on there too.
  16. This thread makes my mouth water.

    But yeah I usually break my shit up and then pack it into a bowl.
    Sadly I can't smoke right now since I have a drug test June 1st. =[
  17. Well put. Just how I like my bowls. +rep
  18. I generally stick to loading nugs and broken up nugs. I don't grind, I find it to be kindof a hassle.

    Break it, pack it, enjoy.

    And repeat many many times.
  19. this thread made me remember what someone told me when i was smoking him up..
    "did you know you have to break up the buds?"
    i looked at him like he had three heads and after that session never hit him up to chill again, it always makes me laugh now thinking about how serious he looked that day, like he was really being informative. noob tokers are cool, but ones that lack common sense in my book are idiots, and something more related to this thread:
    i put two fingers in a platic bag then whip out some bud and grind it between the two fingers above the bowl, then light and inhale
  20. There is no one right way to do it. Simple man packs a quick, simple bowl. Passionate man puts love into his actions. Both correct, neither makes you more of a 'guru', or 'old school', or whatever. Know what I'm sayin'? :cool:

    I do love hearing others' methods.

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