best way to learn AP Government

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  1. hi gc, here i am sitting in my room, bowl in hand, packed ready to go. tommorrow i have a midterm basically on the american constitution and my understanding of it (in a nut shell). pages upon pages of work.

    now my question...does doing hw when u are high help you learn and remember?
    if it does, please let me know on some styles.
  2. Do your schoolwork and study first before smoking. If you try and study while high, you'll probably forget most of what you studied come the exam.

    Treat weed as a treat after finishing your work.
  3. im guessing that you live in seattle
    because of the pearl jam thing and i know that AP government is the class that seniors take in seattle
    plus midterms are tommorow here. (my little sis is stressing)
    garfield highschool 08 reppin
  4. Your brain can only retain so much information for one day. Your should have studied yesterday.

    Just try hard? Then smoke afterwards for a good study sesh.
  5. I say study your ass off and smoke that bowl tomorrow. Some people can study while high and others can't. It is a midterm, don't mess around with that. Smoke that bowl as a reward from your studying afterwards.
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    i would google american constitution and read the wikipedia article, personally, then reread your notes on the way to school

    sounds like an A

    edit: yea, smoking is ur call, but i would always encourage it

  7. truly the best way. reward yourself for time studying and doing home work. for every hour you study, another bowl you can smoke when your done.
  8. Its been a long ass time since I was in high school, but I remember AP government being really difficult. I used to sit at the computer and type my notes over, and over, and over again just to memorize them.

    And yeah, don't study high. You'll forget everything.
  9. The best way to cram is to study 2 days before the test and then rest the day before. I wouldn't suggest smoking and then studying. Just cram as much as possible and hope for the best. If anything, you can always cheat.

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