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Best way to keep weed fresh... at college?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by zolaisagod, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. I'm picking up 2 O's for school. What is the best way to keep them fresh? I have a bunch of pill bottles, do they work well? Also, how long will I be able to keep it and have it still be fresh? My plan right now is to bag it and then put it in pill bottles. I say college because I can't double seal it and just stick it in my fridge. Suggestions?
  2. Hey man. take a large amount that you won't be smoking for a while and put it in a zip lock bag. seal it almost all the way, leave just enough open so you can put the tip of a straw in. suck all the air out and while still sucking, close the bag at the same time as still sucking. then put it in a jar that seals. do this with another 1/2 or 3/4 depending on how fast you smoke and keep leaving large amount sealed like that. just stick it in your dresser under the clothes.
    there's like a thousand threads on keeping weed fresh and smoking in dorms.
  3. I read on here that having a pill container that isn't prescribed to you is against the law. Just a heads up.;)
  4. Yeah stash it in a glass jar.
  5. Yeah, if you get caught with a bunch of prescription bottles (if they're not yours), you'll get in a lot more trouble than if they find weed. A couple of Iowa football players just got in huge trouble for that...
  6. i have a tight vac ( if you have no idea what im talking about.) its pretty convenient. It gives you that reassuring feeling...because you KNOW your bud is being kept fresh as can be. they sell them at my local headshop.

    zips are good enough tho. plus...i have no experience putting my bud in pill bottles, but id say itd take several of them to hold 2 onions.

    one thing about college on the safe side dude. Last year was my freshman year at Radford U. (Va's school for those who fucked up in high school, but not enough to have to go to community college. HAH) Got caught with LESS THAN A GRAM, and got totally fucked. 2 strikes on my record, 350 dollar fine, a very awkward conversation with the local PD coupled with some invasive searches. Im just glad i didn't have a nice sized stash on me..i cant even imagine.
  7. Hmm, I didn't know that. I usually root for them in the Big South conference basketball tourny... I figured it was some high class elite school just by the name.
  8. Yeah, I know that. I am using pill bottles because I can keep them in my lockbox. They are a decent size. I plan on bagging out 5 sacks to throw down with my friends and keeping it whole other than that. I just wanted to make sure double ziploc bags would be straight... love the straw method, will definitely try that out!

    BTW, I'm not going to be a freshman and I know how to smoke at school and all that. It's just I never had more than a quarter at once last year.

    Last question: How long will bud stay fresh under these conditions?
  9. Vacuum sealer. Foodsaver is a widely available brand.

    Works great on food too.

  10. a glass jar with a rubber seal is the best thing I can suggest
  11. excellent advice and it will contain the smell. Walmart sells mason canning jars that work great. cheap too.

  12. haha. yeah ive been told that by a lot of people who live outside of Va. The name is top-notch (up there with Harvard, or Yale) but the same cannot be said for the academics. Its an awesome party school, and just about everyone is involved in greek life(frats and sororities). With all the high class universities around (William & Mary, Un. of Richmond, UVA, etc.) its really one of the few schools that will accept someone that doesnt have a 4.0+ gpa. I slid in with a 2.7.
  13. Go to Walmart and get an air-tight jar like this one:


    Costs around $5
  14. I just got a quarter im takin it up austin, tx on saturday. Got it in a few pill bottles.
    Austin Tx here I come.

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