Best way to keep track of a grow?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by AlexPanth, Jun 27, 2017.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I recently finished my first grow (thanks in large part due to guidance provided by this community) and it went better than expected! Granted, I wasn't expecting much, but regardless :biggrin:

    One thing that helped me in the later stages of the grow was keeping track of various information (feeding schedule, days since light cycle change, etc) so that I could easily remember when I needed to get certain things done. I am thinking that for my next grow I'll keep closer track to see if I can see how differences in conditions impact the yield from each one of the plants.

    Does anyone else here keep track of their grows? If so, do you guys use a notebook or Excel or do you have a different method? I was using a notebook but I'm curious what others found works best for them.

  2. Excel and Pictures..:)
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  3. I keep a journal type thing going in a notebook and then note dates I've done things on a taking clones, repotting, putting into flower, etc. I've actually written sort of a book that takes you from taking clones all the way to harvest and tucked it away so if anything were to happen to me, hubs hopefully could step in and handle my end of things....basically anything dealing with the plants. He's the builder, engineer, electrician, equipment designer, etc. but has never shown any interest in actually learning how to care for the plants. I have many thousands of dollars invested in this thing and somebody needs to know how to operate it. LOL

    It's really a good thing to do when first learning how to grow. You can always look back at how things went before and make improvements along the way as you go along. It took me a good year to get comfortable with the whole process and feel like I had a good enough understanding of the whole thing. And we had to put our rooms together over time too since we're (unfortunately) not wealthy people. LOL The journals are fun to go back and read down the road because you learn so much just by doing and screwing things up. But definitely a good idea. TWW
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  4. Notebook as a journal and Calender hanging close by. That was my first grow in a nutshell. Plus journals can't get hacked, if you have to worry about discretion.

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  5. I started with a detailed log book but once you got it down it became useless just keep a journal on here with pictures
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  6. Thanks for a detailed response! I guess I'm on the right track then. Do you just use a regular notebook or is there anything that's more customized towards growers??
  7. Have you always been using Excel? I was thinking of recording information on my laptop but keeping track in a notebook seemed like the most simple solution at the time.
  8. I take pictures every day or two, try to update grow journal at least once a week, and i use a small notebook. Writing down your own feeding chart in it and having it nearby is helpful too (since very few of us actually use the feeding charts that companies "recommend"). I figure at some point in my life Ill probably take a break from growing again and having a notebook full of info for when I started again would be a big help.
  9. I write everything down, in a notebook,, everything, it's pretty much ritual at this point, and I am always referring back to it, I also have a digital camera that records dates and times of photos which helps a lot,
    I kinda keep a running journal on here but it's nowhere near as detailed as my notebook
    There are drawbacks to any kind of physical or digital record keeping if you are not adhering to local and state laws though, they would always be able to use the stuff against you,
    I've tried all the apps, and even bought a "grow journal ", but have found nothing works better than pen and paper

    Boom4200 winter grow journal

    Boom4200 winter spring grow journal
  10. Yes, I am not really good with it, but the simple stuff is ...well..easy!!
    Used it for a loooong time..:)
  11. Just make a journal on here. No one will go to it but just put doen everything you do and take pics. This site is the best for keeping track of grow
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  12. Is there anything about the journal writing process that is annoying and you would want to be different? For example, is it tedious to keep re-writing the same thing over and over?
  13. I use a notebook too but find drawing out charts to be quite boring and messy. Do you have a similar experience?
  14. Seems like a lot of work to take and print out photos, but that shows your commitment! What are some of your challenges with using pen/paper?
  15. This is you find it easy to review the data this way? Do you ever leave space for additional notes. Do you ever get annoyed at having to redraw the chart?
  16. Ah, can't wait until I reach that level of experience.. was there anything about the pen/paper process that was cumbersome?
  17. You just forget to
  18. Fair enough.. I always just have difficulties finding a pen :p

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