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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by mysticman, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. my friend just gave me some seeds i was wondering what is the best way i can grow them i was wanting to grow some in my fish tank would they grow and what do i need to grow them like that. i have about 10 seeds so i was guna try growning them a few different ways. please help thanks
  2. i forgot to say that i have one growning that i planted like 2 days ago its starting to sprout now. my friend said that the best way to make them sprout fast is tho put them in a wet paper towel and make sure its wet all the time and i will sprout fast.
  3. well u wont sprout but the seed will... different technics for different growers... just fine wish is the best way to sprout seeds for u..latezz....
  4. i have some lights that i use for work there 500watt halogen lights there drywall lights will they work there only about 6 inchs x 9 inchs. please help me thanks
  5. holegen dont work.. u atleast need a flourecent lights bulds, or hps lil bulbs..latezzz..
  6. what size flouresents do i need and what wattage. im only guna grow like 2 to start out im guna grow them in my closet which is about 4 ft x 4ft n is about 7 ft tall. how much electric does a hps light use will the power company be able to tell if i have only 1 hps with about a 80 watt bulb. please help thanks

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