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Best way to grow low budget?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Coolcid2112, Jul 31, 2013.

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    Well, I have an opportunity to buy a pineapple crack plant that has already budded for 30$, I was wondering if it would be worth it to grow one plant at the moment, and would the profits from it be able to support a larger ecosystem? I know growing I should have 300-500$ but if I have a plant I can buy what would be the best way to go about growing one plant or is it even worth it? I'd most likely grow it outside but the money I'd be getting would then be for growing inside, and the plant is a female.

    Btw, the reason this is in the indoor growing section is because I want to know if I could long term grow indoor but if it's more economically viable if you only have one plant to grow that one plant outside
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    i used a "piecemeal approach" for purchasing for my grow... 4 plants ~$40 for soil. ~$130 for 400w light setup including: bulb, reflector hood, ballast and adjustable hanger and that's all :)
    $300-500 grow would be like 12 plants or include the price of a commercial grow cabinet
  3. Irf you are on a tight budget and grow for yourself. Start with a 400w hps setup in a closet/tent. Whole thing should cost about 300-400 bucks if you do it right or just start with a decent light and buy bits and pieces when you have extra cash. Growing is easy. Growing good shit is a bit harder. Like anything it takes some practice and lots of reading. If you can safely grow outside... Maybe do a few practice runs outside and see your results. My most important piece of advice is, don't tell anyone. But hey I'm just a stoner, what do I know
  4. A hempy bucket under a light with a 4" fan might get the job done. You can get a single 3gl bucket, a bag of perlite and a 4" fan at Home Depot for <$20. You still need something to feed it, but that can be made cheaply too in a pinch. Maybe not the best scenario, but if you can pull it off and get a decent harvest, you can have some for yourself AND add to your grow. Capitalism rocks!

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