Best way to go with this DWC system?

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  1. Ok so i have the above mentioned system, comes with all you need pots are 15lts per peice(5 gls i think) and the Resivor is 100ltr. It also comes with a 550lt per hr air pump, 6 airstones and all the pipe, airline and conncetions you need.

    So i got it set up no problmes, (6 was too big for my space if i wanted to be able to move in there so i reduced to 4). I had to build the float from the parts which again was no problem, the problem is the water in the pots and head tank only fill maybe 2/3 or the way full. leaving at least 6 inc between the next pots and the water. Ive used Fememnized powerplant seeds so i dont need to worry about sex.

    I spoke to the fella in the shop, and told him my problem, he said he will send me a 1500lt per hr pump and 4 bigger, pond style air stones, Hopefull this will crated enough splash for the water to reach the next pots. Additionaly i can top up the pots manualy to get water level higher if need be.

    My main question is i have sorta decided that this system isnt great for plants under 2 weeks old, I was thinking start the seeds in a propagation tank in some rockwool, then when the roots starts to grow through the rockwool, transplant into the DWC.

    If i choose to do this would a tank and rockwool be all i need to get, or am i making things to complictaed.

    This is my first hydro grow and although i have grown with vemiculate and perlite before never with anything that envolved this much water. I posted this in the dwc section but made this post seperate incase it got missed as that is a rather large topic

  2. The splashing of water against the net pots is not neccessary. The reason for the air stones is to make your nutes/water highly oxygenated...

    You only need the water to the bottom of the pots when rooting. Once roots are into the nutes/water i keep it about 2 cm below the pots.

    I hope that sorta helps
  3. Yeah i relize that the air stones are to provide oxygen to the water, but they need water to germinate and to grow a root dont they?

    Would my propergation method work, or are u suggesting i just spray the top off the net pots with water to keep it damp untill the plant roots.

    Having the seed in the pot in the water would work?

    Also i plan on growing these plants to around 5ft or 150cm, gonna veg till they get to 75cm, then put them into flowering. Im looking at hopefully around 4 ounces per plant.
    Do you think this is realistic?
  4. :eek: i am growing 9 DWC in 5 gal pot and under 2 1000 hps in the begining you are right start seeds in rockwool till rooted then put into dwc. your right about the water splashing up in causes the roots to strive to get into the water if no splashing very slow growth for the first week. sounds like you got it right though i would def recament switching to 5 gal buckets im harvesting between 1/4 to 1 1/4 poun per plat @ 2.5 - 3 ft tall, 4 week veg, 9 weeks bloom, 4 weeks dry & cure. Its the only way to grow indoor. dont know wut nuits your useing but i use exspencive House and Garden dont know why i havent used it all along.. good luck:smoke:
  5. a pound a plant in a 4 week veg.. i'd like to see pics of this and more info !!!

    Thats amazing for 4 weeks.

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