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Best way to get stoned with very little to no smell?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sj49, Aug 18, 2018.

  1. I am going to be moving into a basement suite where my landlord lives above me and there’s no smoking or drugs allowed. Without smoking pot I don’t eat or sleep so I would like to continue smoking if possible without getting caught. I will try to smoke it away from my home as much as possible but I’m sure there will be times it’s not as convinent. What is my best option?
    -shower, bong
    -dab pen
    -dry herb pen
    -dab rigg
    (All smoked with smoke buddy and candles/air freshener)
    -other suggestions?
  2. Vaping and edibles/tinctures.
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  3. Just dont smoke in your apartment.
    Pretty simple really....
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  4. Use a pipe with a lid, they're great at concealing the smell but if you're just catching a buzz take a few small hits and hold it until there's no smoke, you're good. However, I wouldn't suggest by any means doing this on a regular basis. But like I said if you need to smoke super discreetly it works.
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  5. Or just take a walk, haha. That's what I would do, I smoke too much for that couple little hits shit. But you're obviously new and can get away with it for a bit.
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  6. I'm gonna come up with a larger version of the smoke buddy for household use that filters and temporarily contains the smoke you blow into it. You only have to smoke in a manner that contains the source itself.

    When i come down I'll get right to work on it.
  7. If you learn how to inhale properly, paranoia goes away with the toking experience. Something new stoners don't yet know.
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  8. Mistahsparklez can you elaborate on this? Very interested.

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