Best way to get kief out of a grinder?

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  1. So I have kief in all places of my grinder stuck in the screen and such and I was wondering what the best and most efficient way would be to collect all the kief? Ive tried scraping with different objects nothing seems to work well. Thanks and happy :smoke:
  2. getting kief out of the screen might be a little tricky. youd need something that fits through the little holes then poke through all that are cloged. for the bottom of the grinder, they sell scrapers.. i just use the corner of a card tho. hold the catcher at a down angle, and scrape everything into a pile. once its in a pile, pick up as much as u can with the card, then tip the catcher over and tap it gently so it all falls into your bowl :smoke:

    you could always make butter tho. just boil it and throw in some more bud
  3. Put your grinder in a jar filled with isopropyl alcohol & swish it around, all the resin will fall off the grinder. The alcohol can be poured out on a plate to evaporate and all that will be left is the removed kief and maybe a few hairs. Scrape kief together after all the alcohol is evaporated and load yourself a sweet sticky bowl.

    I do this once every few months and I get enough kief/hash to boost the potency of 2-3 bowls
  4. its not that hard. get a small paint brush.
  5. Guitar pick
  6. I like the ISO method myself. Works quite well.
  7. If you have an electric razor set, a lot of them come with little cleaning brushes that are perfect for cleaning out grinders. Those work way better than everything ive tried. You can get pretty much every spec of kief out.
  8. qft....
  9. Ok i did this and it worked wonders everything is gone from the grinder. Is there any time period i should wait on scraping up the kief/hairs etc after the iso has evaporated?
  10. lol i second that
    i use a guitar pick too
  11. I wait another 12 hours. Don't know if I need to, but I do.
  12. Ok so scrapped and this is what came out.. about 6 months of grinder neglect
    So now im going to press it and let dry
  13. Why press and let it dry? Smoke that now.
  14. Just to save for a dry spell if one were to occur:smoke:
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    Im pretty sure the longer you keep that out the more potent it would be... It turns into hash

    also when you let it dry do you put a piece of Saran wrap over it? To keep debris out or whatever
  16. does anybody have any tips of getting kief outa a two piece grinder? if so private mssage me thx
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    ah darn it lol was reading through hoping id be the first to say that! lol no chance! ha

    Just for the record though they do seem to clean kief out of the whole of your grinder VERY well and it doesnt get stuck in the brushes at all really because of it having to clean a similarish size/weight product (fuck im high :smoke: haha)

    well... even after that ive seen people with grinders that clean use an ISO/alcohol wash and still got a decent amount of hash/oil/etc.. to use... if your feeling desperate, you could just go pick up another fat sack of dank :D lol but yeah if you cant get a fattie or even just a small sack these methods could get you lifted :eek:

    Edit- "Lingerers man!!"
    -"Yeah if theres one quality i hate in a person its... erm... lingering so ill be of-"
    -"Hey man you gonna help me smoke this thing? ... I cant even light this on my own"
    -"Oh OK! i suppose i can stay for a bit"


    Edit - DEfo gonna have to try the ISO method more often havent really tried hash that much
  18. use one of those lil brushes you use to clean out an electric razor
  19. oh we've got another one lol, a bit less wordy than my reply
  20. From my experiences i've learned that freezing the bud and the grinder together before grinding it gets the most kief. You only have to let it freeze for about 20 minutes to a half hour. After grinding it, just tap the sides of the grinder for a few minutes and you'll have plenty of kief from just a little bit of bud.

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