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Best way to get into weed social circle!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by I3 Eazy, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Ok so im from the UK and I've posted a few times about concerns and wanting to get into smoking ( pref vaping ) but thing is I have no friends if this type.

    Just wondering what's the best way to meet tokers I mean I wanna make some new friends who are super chill not wanna be gangsters or overly stupid people who want to smoke all day and not do shit.

    I mean I have a family and looking for work currently have always been curious about herb never had the balls to try it. But I guess if u live life not doing anything because your worried it may kill you for whatever reason I guess in reality you wouldn't do much at all and I guess if its gonna happen its gonna happen right?

    Like I say it's not a mid life crisis and I'm not a chav / irresponsible parent I don't believe smoking green makes you that. And people who do are just deluded and ignorant IMO drinking is far worse and green is no worse then cigarettes if not their worse also IMO.
  2. Well, that's a tad difficult. The chick I first bought from went to being my dealer to my best friend, though I could see how it might not work. The people my friend dealt to became part of my smoke circle . maybe ask others their opinion and past experiences with green? You might find another curious person willing to try, or a veteran who will smoke you out. You sound like the person who doesn't have a regular supply then. Parties and raves are a surefire way to get friends and connections, but moreso connections. People tend to be more tolerant about drugs in those situations, so asking random strangers if they have grass or if they know a guy might solve your problems, just be sure to know your weights and relative prices.
  3. just ask people who you think might smoke if they smoke, be like "do you smoke?" and if they respond with "cigarettes?" your good to go

    There you go son.
  5. i heard seshroulette is a ghost town now...
  6. Hang out outside of the local high school in a trenchcoat and thick rimmed glasses and ask kids if they got that fire.

  7. This. best advice ever given via internet.

  8. Dunno where ur from but where I'm from that's a sure way to either get smashed to pieces or put in the back of a police car haha besides I'm 25 don't wanna be hanging with 16 year olds lol ( no offence just a little odd )

    No like I say I don't really smoke at all only done it a few times as I'm not in that social circle most of my friends aren't big
    On weed or just don't do it they prefer going out drinking and using white unmentionables which ain't my thing.

    No don't really have any links to get from but smoking out on my own just doesn't seem overly appealing at the beggining I mean I'd like the whole social seen chilling in playing the 360 n that occasionally
    Not all the time like I say I have a partner and 2 children so mainly
    Be alone when they asleep watching movies or 360
  9. do u live in london? ill hook u up
  10. just ask people who you think might smoke if they smoke,[​IMG]
  11. Na man from Kent use to live in a town n I can get it from a lad but like I say wanna just meet a couple a chill guys the only ones I use to no are like the wannabe gangster type if u get me not the chill type.

    And now I live in a village can't see this becoming better in the slightest lol
  12. Like most people round here that smoke in the obvious are chavs now I don't mind chavs use to be one or dress like one anyway hoodies trackies n max 90's etc.

    But now I'm more into your only way is Essex type look or trousers n shirt with nice jacket n shit like smart appearance as I wanna be an estate agent or something similar so wanting to meet people of similar interests but then maybe they don't smoke and in getting this all confused or just over thinking it like everything else in my life haha
  13. yeah mostly chavs smoke in this country, or black and brown people

    you should consider making some jamaican friends
  14. Just go out and socialize, it's simple! I've met my small group of friends that I smoke with almost everyday with by coincidence. I had one friend that hung out with them but was a douche (no longer any of our friends, and has been locked up), my old friend and these new "people" smoked on a smoke drive. After that we went back to my house and I got dropped off, unfortunately the car was about to run out of gas but I didn't have any money to give for gas.

    I texted my friends, friend, saying sorry that I couldn't give him any gas. He told me it was cool and asked if I wanted to smoke with him some other time. A year ago, since that day, I've smoked with him literally almost everyday for the last 8-12 months and I'd definitely consider us both excellent friends. He's taken the blame for weed and parapharnalia that was mine when we got caught by the cops, even though I've never asked him too, and I've done the same for him. I've met tons of other people, now friends, through him too. I went from knowing 2-3 people, to knowing almost everybody in town and getting smoked up everyday and having tons of people wanting to chill at any time of the day/night.

    Just go out and socialize, don't be afraid to go meet new people and start a conversation or say something. That's the hump most people have to get over from what I've seen. This last year definitely has opened my life up a lot more and has shown me just how much stuff can happen in a year or less. Some people don't realize it yet, but time goes by FAST, and I mean VERY FAST. So live it up, go meet some new people you like and toke up!
  15. I just smoke with 3 of my friends, we chill outside in arizona and shit, play some music on our phonrd lol :p
  16. The best advice I can give you is: grow some balls. When you have the opportunity, just ask. It isn't harder than that. If you want to be discrete, just say: "are you green?" Or "420 friendly?". Always keep in mind that 99/100 times, the worst thing that's going to happen, is that they think badly of you. But you don't care, because you don't care what people think. Of you do, stop caring.

    Though, you wouldn't just ask anyone. They might be cops, so don't offer a doobie unless you're sure it's cool.

    Best of luck, man
  17. Hang out with your dealer.
  18. I guess that's it to be perfectly honest just obviously u don't go to skate parks or anything as try aren't my thing and I do t go to pubs and clubs as I don't really drink and like I say the friends I do have are a little diff than myself like a drink and a pick me up and frown upon weed ( makes sense doesn't it ) lol

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