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Best Way To Get Higher?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Rizenn, Jun 7, 2013.

  1. Hello community :) I have about .6 left and have a semi-high tolerance to bud.
    I was thinking about making a bong or water piece?
    What do you think !

  2. T break always works.
  3. Next to a t break, I would say that if you're only smoking joints/blunts, you should definitely invest in a more efficient consumption method like a bong or a vape. You won't waste anywhere near as much bud; you'll get higher for the amount of bud that you do use.
  4. a t breAk?
  5. Juicy J once said.....Dip the blunt in the lean....Get higher.....
  6. omg i honestly just put that song on 2 seconds ago wow lol ! ^
  7. Make a grav/waterfall.
    Take a tolerance break.
  8. Eat a mango or two an hour before you smoke, it increases the effects. Water wont do anything, but the effect of having to suck it in so deep is why bongs might be effective, so try a waterfall bong. Vaping is the most effective.
  9. waterfall bong. best way to get high
  10. you basically stop smoking for about 2 weeks or a month.
  11. Definitely a gravity bong. Make a good one and you'll be gone.
  12. Do something active like playing sports. When I get really tired I get pretty baked.

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  13. smoke more weed
    This is a good start. I always used a Craftsman 5/16 socket and a 20 oz bottle.
    However, in addition to this, if you can't do a T break I would suggest the following sequence of events in the order they are listed:
    1) Wake up and do not smoke all day. Wait until about 7 PM so your body has 10-12 hours of not being high after you have slept
    2) Do not eat all day. Just simply drink water, it might be hard but you can do it and be fine.
    3) After not being high for about 12 hours, rip/take/inhale 3 gravities/waterfalls/floods/bongs
    4) Find the greasiest meal that you enjoy, and devour it.
    You will be immensely high from the lack of food in your system and you will be floored with the high. After you eat the food, you will get a high from all the fat and grease. I did this before and I'm sure it's bad for you but I was slammed and then passed out after about 90 minutes.
    The other option is to barely eat, donate blood, and then do this process. I did this just 1x and then fell asleep for like 16 straight hours on a Saturday afternoon, woke up at 2AM and didn't know what I did to myself.
    Best option is to take a 2 week T break though, then start up again.
    Best Wishes
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    Eat a mango an hour before smoking. (already mentioned)
    does nothing a watse of lean.... t break is  the best way to get higher. for real
  17. inhale through your ass...
    or stop smoking for a week
  18. Make a THC mixture and put it up your ass in about an hour.

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