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Best way to get HIGHER with less weed...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Twist3d, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. So, I like to get high trying to save as much weed as I can (when I'm alone, of course)... I always try to buy/get/smoke dank... :smoke:

    But, whats best way to get HIGHER with less weed...? I only have homemade devices right now (OK! Don't laugh) and a wooden pipe that I hate...

    I used to smoke from plastic bottle bongs, but I got tired of them, I got so baked many times with them... Right now I'm using a light bulb vaporizer, seems like a lie but I'm saving some weed, but vaporizing with it, feels like "something is missing" when you are high... Gravity Bongs fucked up my throat pretty bad, I don't like them...

    I want to buy a glass pipe, but, can you smoke small amounts with it, like a one hitter? or should I get a one hitter instead? or what? help me out!

    Saving weed is very important to me, because its kinda hard to pick up some good weed here... And is VEEEEEEEEEEERY EXPENSIVE!

    I hope you guys can help me out, thanks!


    PD: No joints, no blunts for myself... Only with friends ;)
  2. Id say glass is the way to go. If you like one hitters though i'd say maybe a sneak-a-toke of a nice glass piece with a small hole on the bottom of the bowl so that you can pack tiny pieces of weed that wont fall through.

    Also if you buy in bulk you get more weed for the money.
  3. Make a waterfall bong, a lung, or a regular gravity bong. Not hard at all to make, and it gets me fucking STONED from about .2-.3g. Google how to make them if ya don't know, they're easy as hell to make.

    Lightbulb vapes make me feel like a meth head or something when I smoke them :p
  4. dude, totally grab a 1 hitter if its that important to you. A great weed connoisseur has many different utensils of which to smoke his beloved ganja thru. OR if you're looking for a little more party friendly, go with just a normal spoon, and just simply pack a pinch. Either way, you should migrate to the world of owning paraphernalia, it's a great club all of us are in :)
  5. true ^
  6. when you smoke hold it in for 3 seconds. max, no more, after that you damage your lungs.

    just had a thought, if you blew your smoke in a balloon you can re-inhale it and hold it in, exhale into balloon, rinse and repeat.
  7. Can you do that? I mean, can you pack a "pinch" and smoke it in a glass pipe without wasting weed?

    Some bowls have big holes, that weed just get thru and dont even burn... that happens with a spoon?

    Thanks everybody! :D keep posting plz :wave:

  8. oh yeah bro, I mean if you think about it- How did the weed get in the bowl? it wasn't just always full. At some point it had to have been a smaller amount :D

    Although i would really suggest a GonG (glass on glass) bong. you cant go wrong. Im not sure why I didnt think of that earlier. oh well, Im a little baked :smoke:

  9. Um I can kinda tell your new at smoking bud, I know how it is to be new at toking. but your best bet is to find some stoner friends, toke it up with them and have them lead you the way. Never know they might be able to get bowl. And yes you can put small amounts in a bowl and o yea throw that wood bowl in the garbage cuz wood burns mane. i hope i aint sounding like a dick, dont take it personally. One more thing if you like to chief by yourself which i know alot of people do your best bet is to buy a BONG :bongin:
  10. #10 Twist3d, Sep 26, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 26, 2010
    Ive been toking for 4 years... But, right now I'm having trouble with dealers... I used to get a lot of weed for a small amount of money, now its kinda hard because he got in jail lol... I used to smoke joints and blunts only, never need a pipe or a hitter..

    But, since then, I get weed for a regular price and its too expensive to smoke joints by myself. Of course I have stoner friends, but, they always have more weed than I do so, they just keep smoking joints and blunts.

    I love RooR bongs, but I cant afford one, thats why I'm asking which is the best way to get higher with less weed, because, before, I didnt have this problem, saving weed was just not in my mind.

    Thanks anyway!


    I saw a Cigarette One-hitter today, like this one:


    Do they waste weed? Is it worth?

    I'm thinking glass pipe for indoor, one - hitter cigarette for outdoor...

  11. Try using screens, ive been using all different kinds, theres regular screens, which are good for pipe and bubblers. Theres glass screens, which are small but once your bowl piece is resined up it'll stay put well. And probly my favorite the glass jacks, there a bit easier to deal with and will work with any kind of piece.

    Screens let you get every last bit of you bud.

    Just my two cents :wave:
  12. I'd say get a nice glass spoon. I have one that changes colors and i love it!! Also, you can pack one-hitters if you want too.
  13. i'm just like u because how i always try to get high as possible with little as possible. weed grow on trees, but money doesnt! the answer: waterfalls or real bongs. i've smoked out of many a paraphernalia, but these two without a doubt rank top in efficiency. note: i have never used a real vaporizor, but i have used a homemade vape with a light bulb and candle, didnt really like it and i will never do that again. just a warning, the lightbulbs sometimes contains harmful chemicals so always make sure u properly clean b4 use.
  14. ive said this time and time again. Bong rip followed by shots of the Crown
  15. Try eating a mango like 45mins to an hour before you smoke, i've heard that it increses potency or something....
  16. one hitters are the best for conserving weed and they don't give off as much as a smell
  17. Grab a one hitter and a dugout :smoke:
  18. get a bong!
  19. go to your local head shop and take a look around, you can get spoons, hand pipes, bongs etc.. in many different sizes and you can usually find one with a small bowl for around $20. Just be careful what you say when you're in there depending on where you live. Stick with the terms like pipe, water pipe, tobacco, etc...Happy :bongin:
  20. Chillum. Look it up.

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