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Best way to get high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TMOE, May 25, 2010.

  1. Well, since I just recently finished this school year (university) and all of my smoking buddies are out of town :mad: I was thinking of just buying a few grams and smoking up in one session (I'm pretty lightweight) and munch out while I watch a movie marathon. So in your opinion what would be the most effective way to get really f***ed?
    I was thinking of lighting up a joint but I don't think that would be too effective.
    PS. I do not own a vaporizer :( so anything other than that

  2. A bong:bongin:
  3. Gravity bong or parachute.
  4. i like water bongs for getting real fucked up. have a couple beers while your at it for added effect
  5. a few grams in one session, and that's lightweight?

    u need a better hookup!
  6. Personally........

    I would forget about the beer and just stick with weed.

    If you don't own a bong with an ice chamber, I would fill a bong with crushed ice and cold water and ler 'er rip!!

    What movie marathon are you planning on watching?
  7. Unless you make edibles everything you smoke you will hit a ceiling with. A celing means you could smoke continuously and not feel the effects, you cant get higher.

    With bongs you can usually get extremely stoned before you hit that ceiling. Bong it up. Or take a blunt to the face then bong it up.
  8. Dude if your buying a few grams for an all out stoner movie marathon then go all out. couple joints, a fat blunt, a few waterfalls, and finish it off with bong rips before bed.
  9. Yes, if you don't know how to make one, look it up on youtube.
  10. bump bump
  11. i think the best way to is the good ole steam roller
  12. I'd certainly recommend a vaporizer at some point, they work wonders! That being said, a few alternate methods that get the job done are of course bongs (preferably glass), waterfalls, gravity bong, steamroller, a lung, etc. Any of these should do a pretty stellar job at getting you baked, and none of them are really that difficult to construct in their most basic form. Happy Blazing!
  13. Id go with nice thick Gravity Bong. Take about 7 of em at once and tell me how ya feel :smoke:

  14. hahaha he'd be on the floor laughing for no reason haha.

    but yeah try a gravity bong. Nice milky grav bong hits are the best! Especially when the milks a brewin and your just eyeing it knowing its gonna hurt. But you'll love it :love:
  15. My experiences:

    --Blunt: Blunts burn nice and slow. Good for chilling on the porch, and have a deep thought and nice talk with friends. They're alright. They get me higher than Joints by a bit and taste better due to flavoring.

    --Joints: Joints are always fun for a fast blaze. They're easy to carry around and smell and concealabe. They do burn faster than blunts though. So don't spend too much time drifting off. x]

    --Gravity Bong: This is where I really got messed up on. These things are powerful and easy to make! Just burn a small hole on the bottom of like a gatorade bottle, cut the cap, fill the cap with foil and poke holes, and then yeah. If you need more help on this leme know. It's cheap though. All you need is a bottle, lighter, foil, and a bucket of water to push the bottle down in. It hits your lungs hard so be prepared.

    --Pipe/Bowl: The first time I hit my pipe my throat was sore a bit and tender. However, they hit nicely. It's nice and portable, a lot easier to carry around in a pocket, instead of a bong. I like this on the go over joints or blunts because you get more THC.

    --Bongs: Bongs are freaking fun and awesome. I'd say they're my favorite to use. Just like a gravity bong, you can make this too out of a bottle, but you have to find a bowl to use, such as a trumpet piece or a wrench piece + pen. These are slightly more convient than gbongs because g's need a bucket of water. Plus the bubble noise is cool too, no idea why but I like it. :smoke:

    --Steam Roller/One Hitter: Never Tried these.

    All in all, I'd say home made bong. They absorb a lot of THC and they're sooo cheap to make. :3

    Also, if you're a newb smoker don't do more than 1.5 grams especially if you haven't done it in a while. Just my idea, I mean I don't wana see you killing your lungs. Especially when you can save the other grams for another time.

    Hope this helps my friend!

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