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Best way to get "fucked up"

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lcyStriker, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. So, basically I am going over my friends and we want to get ripped. Not like the kind of high you get from smoking a few bowls or vaping, but like a "fucked up" high where you could practically be in space. I'm thinking gravity bong or edible. Thoughts?
  2. edibles then bong
  3. smoke more herb
  4. edibles then wait for them to kick in somewhere in your peak from the edibles take some bong rips. If you eat then start ripping the bong the edibles don't do as much, at least in my little experience with edibles
  5. Hmm should i make firecrackers?
  6. Dodgy shit so far man... Just get vaped as fuck..
  7. Make edibles and while your waiting for it to kick in take bong rips to the head :bongin::bongin:
  8. sorry, 'fucked up' on bud? weed isnt a drug to get fucked up. More then that i dont see how its possible to get fucked up when smoking weed. For the ignorance of this (and my) post, turn 18.
  9. cat piss bro. youl see some major boobage.
  10. When I wanna get fucked up I just drink beers, smoke bongs and finally a mixed joint or two. The tobacco in it gives you a bit of a light head and just makes you feel a bit more faded.
  11. I hate people who smoke to get "fucked up." Smoke twice as much as you normally do and you'll be real irie.

  12. A friend and I took the bottom off a plastic Smirnoff vodka bottle (handle) and slapped a copper tube to the top and threaded it through the cap. Stuck it in a 5 gallon bucket and low and behold, we made the best GB ever. I was blown off 1 bowl, and the bowl was very small despite this too (the copper tubing was like 1/4" in diameter lol). Regardless, I've never had so much fun smoking a bong. Especially when you watch someone smoking a GB for their first time, and you know what to expect. But they don't...

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