Best way to get around not knowing a girls name.

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  1. Look GC, I've met this girl a few hours ago and still don't remember her name. She's cute, she's british, and she has a tongue piercing so I'd really like to sleep with her tonight. I can't remember her name to save my life, which is not unusual but this haopens to be the third time i've asked. She sounded moderately pissed last time I asked when she left to go get ready.

    Normally I don't use names but this girl happens to be using mine alot. Which I find awkward when I address her as something neutral. I'm 60% sure its Nicole, but that has burned me in the past. Anyone have any good tips to getting around the fact, or coyly getting a girls name?
  2. check her id
  3. Give her ur phone and tell her to add her contact info. Chances are she will use her correct name.
  4. Creepy. Also she's 29 and probably wont take to checking her ID very well.

    Don't have a phone....
  5. well you gotta creep to figure shit out sometimes man.

    or just be like wtf was your name.
  6. Hmm, maybe just wing it without a name until you can get her to take you back to her place then just look for some mail.

    Or go off to do something private for a sec and pay somebody $5 to go ask her name while you are gone.
  7. Yeah fuck it. She took WTF was your name again twice, whats one more time. It could be our thing for the night.

    Or I could just make her up a mildly offensive/amusing name, and just rock that the rest of the night.

    Now taking suggestions.
  8. Mulva? Delores? Gipple? Celeste?
  9. I usually ask them how they SPELL their name, hahaa.

    Althoguht that sometimes backfires as they could turn around and say, "Wtf, how do you not know how to spell Jill?"
  10. [quote name='"Xtreme_Chaos"']I usually ask them how they SPELL their name, hahaa.

    Althoguht that sometimes backfires as they could turn around and say, "Wtf, how do you not know how to spell Jill?"[/quote]

    I asked my boyfriend how to spell his moms name because I forgot... Lisa... >.<

  11. This kinda of situation has happened to me more than Id care to admit lol ^^
  12. when i'm in their room and they go to use the bathroom ill dig through their notebooks and folders to find a test with their name on it
  13. [quote name='"Bluntzilla420"']Mulva? Delores? Gipple? Celeste?[/quote]

    Hahah it was dolores
  14. Bitches dont have names.
  15. Jill can be spelt Gill too, for if you ever have need for a convincing response to that again :D

    OP, Ask to see her passport, as you've never seen a British passport before; that ought to work ;)
  16. Lol, this has happened to me so many times. It IS important i've cock-blocked myself because i've forgotten a girls name. I'd ask one of her friends or maybe one of your friends who has met her?
  17. I've been in that situation, and the strategy I went with was listening intently whenever her friends talked directly to her and finally they addressed her by her name, at that point I made sure to not forget it again.

    The trouble with meeting girls when you're drunk...
  18. Mission accomplished. ;)

    I just called her by a new name every time I addressed her. Ended up working in my favour. Remembering shit is too much to be asked to do when your drunk.

  19. lol rep

  20. I suck with names too. Recently, though, I did learn that people typically like hearing their name repeatedly, rather than not using the name and just addressing them. I never thought of it like that, but I'm trying to say names as much as I can now. It's a good habit, and in the future it might help you remember names.

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