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  1. Im guna germ my seeds in about an hour and wana know the best way to do it. It'd just bag seed and how many should I germ to hopefully get 1 plant like 4? Please get back to me quick thank gc and peace
  2. I just lay mine in between 2 wet paper towels folded and put them in a dark place, or you can put them in a cup of water and put them in a dark place. Those are the two methods ive used. Do the paper towels
  3. Everyone has there own way to germinate... my method is to drop my seed or seeds in to a cup of water and let them sit for 24hrs and once they've sunk you know they have soaked in the water and will be ready till sprout.. within a few hrs maybe another day the root tip will appear and then ready for planting....

    some people may disagree but like i say thats my method and works fine for me..
  4. i totally agree with soaking them in water for 24-48 hrs...i've even let some soak under water for 4 days untill the root popped out with no ill soon as the root pops plant in ur favorite medium, root tip down, and they should grow...
  5. I have tried the 24 hours in water method, 24 hr. + paper towel, and purely paper towel method most recently and here is my results. The 24 hr. in water was really a waste of time, when i put the seed in a small tupperware container between 2 very wet paper towels under my bed/on top of tv, it had a taproot 1/4" within 30 hours :hello:. It is now day 5 since germing and my plant already has new growth after the first 2 leaves, not cotyledons, and i'm using only a 26w for now.
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    best way is to pour som bottled or purified tap water into a shot glass and soak for 24hrs
    and they should have a witle tail(tap Root) if its barely cracked and visible then take it out of shot glass so it doesnt drown and get 1 paper towel soak it with clean water preferbly not tap and put them in the crease of the folded towel then put it in a plastic bag so the paper towel doesnt dry out and put it some where dark and warm i put mine in a closet folded in a shirt or skull cap so it stays warm and dark best way to germ (in my opinion) every seed ive done like this germed
  7. I myself just pop them into the ground and and let them grow...but on top of that I am a 100% organic grower
  8. yea you could germ ^^^like that^^^ but self germinating has a way better chance
  9. I put them on a wet paper towel but not folded over, just sitting on top. Then put the paper towel in a ziplock bag and blow some air into it and seal it up. put it somewhere dark for a few days and if they're good they should germinate. Done this 100 times.
  10. yea blowing air in to it helps thats what i do when i check them every couple hours the carbon dioxide from our lungs helps
  11. thanks for the advice every one! i did the paper towl method a couple days ago maybe 1 not sure i was straight cheesed lol but when i get home tnt or possibly tommorow morning they should be germed, so after i see the root coming out i should put them in dixi cups???? not sure and i only have miracle grow for violets i knows it sucks but should i put the seedlings in this and what do i do about light and water how much is needed for them to sprout thanks guys and PEACE

  12. this right here
  13. Paper towel technique is the best. It's working for me right now.
  14. I drop my seeds in distilled water untill they sink then put them in rockwool cubes in my humidity dome where the RH% is very high 90-100% and warm, 80-90 degrees. I Keep the rockwool cubes moist at all times by spraying them with some water every day.

    I have a 100% germination rate this way and the last 5 seeds of Blue God i germinated went from dry seed to sprouted out the cube in 5 days total.

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