Best way to germinate seeds for hydro?

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  1. I eventually will be putting these seeds into a rockwool cube, and then into my hydro system..

    My question is, should i simply put the seed into the rockwool cube and let it pop? or should i germinate it first, and then put it into the rockwool cube?

    And whats the best way to prepare the cube for the seed (soaking the cube with nutes prior to putting in the seed, etc.)?

    Im thinking the easiest way would be to just prepare a cube and put the seed directly into it.. What do you all think i should do?
  2. Take a shot glass or med container and fill it halfway with water, drop the seed in, and put it in a dark place. In 1 day the seed will sink (if it doesn't just tap it and it should sink), leave it for another few days and you'll see a tap root. Soak the cube(NO NUTES!!!) and put the seed in. You don't want to introduce ANY nutes til you have like 3 or 4 leaf sets.
  3. i add just a couple drop of.. [​IMG] and then PH the water to 5.5 and soak the rockwool for 24hrs you with have to add ph down probly 1 time to get it back to 5.5 then put ur seed in get really good results germinating in rockwool its nice and soft and hold moisture nice
  4. i always germinate in rockwool also, they always pop.. i just soak them with neutral water @ 7.0 and they do fine.

  5. hmm ive always read to fully break down the lime in your Rockwool you need to soak it at 5.5-5.8...and do you grow in soil..
  6. lov4led - As the title of my thread suggests, no i do not grow in soil lol, i grow HYDRO! :)

    Anyway, thanks for the input everyone. So i figure ill soak the rockwool for 24hours in roughly 5.5 ph tap water.. But then again the ThriveAlive is supposed to be good for this situation, so should i do plain water or should i add some ThriveAlive or similar product?

  7. sometimes i grow in soil but i use the same method for both. after it pops up i soak it with water ph'd at about 6.0 before going into net pots though for hydro, and for soil i leave it at 7.0. but for germinating i havent noticed a difference.

  8. lol read my post i was talking to panda
  9. But again, should i soak it for a half hour? or 24 hours? i get mixed answers.

    and should i soak it in plain ph'd water, or should i add something like thrivealive?
  10. ????????????
  11. i just run water through it for a few minutes, then squeeze a little extra water out of it.. thats it...nothing but water. once it pops worry about keeping the ph lower if thats even a problem... use 5.8 phd water if you want...doesnt make a difference until it has roots.. for hydro aim for 5.8 for soil aim for about 6.8
  12. Also, i have a "smallboy" water filtration system that i use for all my reservoir water during my grow.. When i soak my rockwool, should i soak it with filtered water, or plain tap water?
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  14. use filtered water always if you can..........

    and don't boil your water

    that boils away the pure water and leaves behind all the crappy salts in the water that's still there, probably upping your ppm

    people boil water to get rid of bacteria


    they have a setup to DISTILL the water (which is not what you are probably doing)

  15. Can I just use distilled water I bought from the store?
  16. I take a 1inx1in rockwool cube, soak it in tap water, drop the seed in it, pull a piece off the side to cover the seed-hole, then stick it under a dome under a small light someplace warm and it usually sticks it's head out in a day or two.

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