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Best way to fluff/moisten/scent weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Spitfire44, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. This guy has mids right now that I believe are actually nuggs just grown improperly... still nice buds and i guess he didnt look close enough to see all the fine crystals all over it. Got some orange in it, smells great, and cheap. But its a little bit dry, I want to make it a little bit more moist if I can.

    Ive heard something about oranges, in a bowl... put paper towels over it and set your weed on top of that? Is that how it works? Any help is appreciated.

    I just knocked out the last of the northern lights... time to get some fire mids :smoke:
  2. ive heard of slices of bread, organ peels, apples. but if you do this be careful for mold.
  3. orange peels, lime peels, lemon peels, they all work really well. but be careful to not put too much!! an example, I picked up an ounce that i got from a friend for 280, it was pretty good pot just really really dry. I put about a quarter(maybe less) of an orange peel in the bag and came back to check on it and the buds were nice and fluffy, and smelt like orange a little bit. be careful not to put too much peel in though
  4. wouldnt a slice of bread dry it out more? i mean they use it in shine to soak up the bad alcohol......i live in the hills of tn where we got some very awesome shine btw, cheap too
  5. slice of bread works magic.
    i dont understand it, but it works for sure
  6. Most professional way of doing it:


    Boveda cigar humidor 2-way humidifier packs. These humidify when its too dry, and dry out when its too humid.
    Worth it if you have large quantities of good pot that you need to keep for a long time.
  7. Im doing this now. I have about a half of very dry dro. It literally crumples in your hands.

    I put a piece of bread in a tupperware container with the buds, hopefully it will work.
  8. just oj peel, be careful only to use the top/mid of the peel. dont go all the way down to the actual orange or its too much.
  9. I put orange peel in my mason jar or tupaware container, i put like half an orange peel in for every ounce. but dont leave it in long, it will get real moist real quick. check on it every 15 minutes and put the peel on differnet buds so they are evenly moistured.

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