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Best way to find a dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by bmxblaze, Jul 2, 2009.

  1. What is the best way to find a dealer? How to you find out who sells?
  2. find someone you know that smokes and ask him where he gets his weed
  3. If you live in the same town and have friends who smoke, ask them. If your new in town and need bud, go to the beach, or skatepark. Just ask around and make yourself look leas ike a cop as possible. Don't go around saying. "Excuse me sir, do you know a marijuana salesman who would be intrested me in selling a Gram." Be as hip as possible.
  4. well, I'm moving in a week and i need to find some when i get there.
  5. walk around and go to local smoking spots you discover, check webehigh.com
    walk aroud in general and look like a pothead, dress like one, hard to explain how,
    most dealers find me, ive been walked up to and handed a piece of paper with a number on it and told to call if i need bud, or i was approached and asked if i wanted thier number, im a male btw they werent hitting on me, smelling like weed helps too

  6. Umm don't walk around smelling like weed. Thats just retarded and can get you unwanted attention from the law and you don't want EVERYONE to know your business because you never know a person you saw on the streets might be your next boss at an interview and they'd be like "Hey I know you, your the guy..." lol you get what Im trying to say. Your name is bmxblaze so I assume you hit up bike parks to freestyle, so make friends there and find out who smokes weed.
  7. find someone who smokes and ask them where he gets his bud from.
  8. i dont know about ur states, but here in cali u can reek and be stoned as fuck and not get in trouble. now smelling of it is a probable cause for search but looking high isnt. as long as u have nothing on u ur fine. go smoke a blunt and go dealer fishing lol

    this actually sounds fun as fuck i might do this just for fun for more dealer choices
  9. you cant get in trouble for smelling like weedin ny as well, only if you have paraphernalia on you or bud itself, smelling like bud builds trust with people you just met that youre trying to get involved with illegal activites.
  10. Not trying to be a douche at all, but if the guys looking for weed, wouldn't it be kind of hard to smell like weed or am I missing some new cologne that just came out on the market?
  11. lololol i caught that too i was just too lazy to type it
  12. When you move to a new town it's best to go to typical teenage hangouts around there and just look for potheads. Not too hard to spot. Then become friends with a few and ask some om them. You can a dealer and a smoking buddy all in one.
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    Hey, I just moved and eventually worked up the courage to ask a random person on the street "hey, do you know where I can get some weed?" This is really not a bad method. Most people seem to want to be helpful. I'm just WAITING for someone to look down on me for this, and will probably continue until this happens even after acquiring weed.

    I even asked an old guy who wanted to bum a cigarette off me. He said in a joyful manner: "Sorry, pal, I really want to help you."

    So far, everyone tells me "not in this part of town", but I did give my phone number to someone who has a friend who can obtain weed and will hopefully be getting a call back. But if someone says if they see you walking around, they'll hook you up, they might be telling the truth, but ever seeing that someone again is unlikely, even if s/he lives very near you.

    I also spotted a guy walking down the street smoking a cigarette, except when he passed me he said "I'm totally not smoking weed right now." Dead give-a-way if anyone says that. And from that, I got a tiny dime bag and my first pipe, all for 20 bucks. Then he said if he saw me walking down the street at a time when his dealer would be awake, he'd hook me up!

    The point of my post: Get out into the world! Nothing bad has come from it for me, and nothing good can come from sitting at home and wishing you had weed.
  14. Talk to kids about it because even if they don't necessarily deal, they will probably know people possibly older than them who do. Plus, they are less likely to go to the police. I've met most of my dealers through other stoners, although several have just ballsed it and asked me and my friends whether we want to buy weed :smoke:
  15. I'd say the mall or local cruising strip. Just ask the teeners, MJ is common in even small towns now and most kids know atleast one person who smokes.
  16. Eh I haven't really had any luck phishing for weed, but then again I haven't ever been looked down on or snitched upon. Most people won't go out of there way to report a kid to the police, but if they see you asking more people after then they might be more inclined to do something about it.
    Looking back on my search I made a lot of amateur mistakes - not waiting between asking different people, asking at the wrong time of the day etc. I guess you only really get better as you get experience so you'll probably get crazy paranoid like I did the first few times.

    I'd say it'd be better to get it off people your age at skate parks/teen hangouts because there's less chance of them ripping you off. Unfortunately that's no longer an option for me because I've had a few run-ins with the kids who hang around the city in my area.
  17. i only started blazing in college and when i came back home, i wasn't expecting to be smoking a lot, but actually i've found 3 or 4 dealers and have just been hitting 'em up regularly. It's really not hard, just find some kids smoking cigarettes/weed, ask them if they know anyone with some bud (sometimes, i find the term bud is better and has a more friendly ring to it, i might just be retarded though :)). good luck, hopefully you find some crazy dank.
  18. If you can't figure out how to do something as simple as finding a dealer, then you should probably find something to do that is less involved than smoking weed.
  19. When you are new to an area...and in your mid-thirties, it gets a lot harder

    I've been shopping for almost a month with no success. Yesterday, I went down to the college I'll be taking night classes at in the fall and didn't see anyone I felt comfortable approaching and asking for a hookup.
  20. Don't be so self righteous.

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