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Best way to extract thc

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Savier, May 21, 2009.

  1. Ok so I found a guy that sells 10-20s, so what I was thinking was stocking up and either make slot of firecrackers or some brownies.. But the problem is that I want to extract as much thc as possible because it's only mids.. So now I was thinking of making hash

    So what I am asking is which method would be better to extract thc?
    -soaking weed in pb for a week, then cooking it
    -making cannabitter
    -making hash (but the final product will be verrrrry little)

    And I know hash is the best but I also want quanity for the final product also
  2. Cannabutter or cannaoil is your best bet if you do it properly.
  3. there is an easy way to make hash if u wanna go that way. and it takes out as much thc as possible and still leaves ur weed good enough to smoke. or use as a seasoning when cooking
  4. Any extraction method that takes most of the cannabinoids out doesn't leave anything worth smoking when you're done :rolleyes:
  5. have u tryed the silk screen method. it takes the tricombes (crystals) off the leafs and hairs and still leaves the thc in the bud its self. i hope that made since. but it works. i guess its 1 of them things you gotta try to believe.
  6. I wrote the sticky thread on the subject over in Harvesting and Processing. That isn't an extraction. Extractions use solvents.

    Yes if you have remnants left of sugar leaf and popcorn bud after it's been sifted there is still THC left. I wouldn't smoke it though; I do vape it sometimes but often I'll just toss it into some butter or oil.
  7. That's not extracting the THC though, thats just shaking the bud for some keif.

    Extracting will leave no THC left on the buds, and if it does it's no where near the levels to get you high.
  8. hhhmmmmmmmmmmm interesting. makes me wanna give it a try.
  9. What are you talking about?
    OSG Nice sticky i knew had to do it for a while but i need to get me onw of those keif screens haha
  10. the write up oldskoolgrower did. im gonna try it. pay attention bro lol
  11. I dont think i can pay attention for the rest of my life but besides the point
    yea i know i meant before with the hole resmoke extracted bud idea?
    I wouldnt try smoking iso buds lol
  12. We were talking about traditional hash making via sifting kief. I wouldn't smoke leftovers from ISO or BHO either. Those go down the toilet usually.
  13. O no i completely get what you said im talking about civic i just don't understand his idea lol
  14. Any extract made from dimesacks of mids won't turn out. There is no loss-less process, and yeilds are bigger nad processes are more efficient with higher amounts of starting material.

    That said, edibles would be a good choice because instead of taking 3 grams and making .05 grams of hash, your taking 3 grams and making 15 grams of butter. If you lost .02 grams of hash (in a screen, didn't scape something perfectly, it will happen) you loose a huge percent, but .02 grams of butter is nothing to worry about.

    The quote of the day is, when OSG is arguing with anyone in apprentice toker, OSG is right.

    This one time, OSG shaved chuck norris's beard. Twice...

  15. And he thanked me for it, right before he roundhouse kicked me :eek:
  16. Being kicked by chuck norris must be like getting touched by god.
  17. I would have loved to spar him when he was my age and in his prime. He's getting up there now, but then again my first sensei is in his 80's now and can still kick my ass most likely.
  18. Yeah, I once sparred with Kesuke Miyagi. He was atleast 75 years old probably 5' 4". Guy totally whooped my ass... then he made me paint a fence...
  19. Osg= king of grass city :hello:

  20. No. Seriously, no. I'm just another blade. I just happen to have more experience than some. I came here to share knowledge and to preach the responsible growing and use of cannabis. I really don't need or want adulation. I'm more than successful enough in the real world; I come here to share the love not to be made a king :)

    EDIT: But thank you, I know it was meant as a compliment :)

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