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Best way to enjoy kief?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by zbro6, Feb 7, 2014.

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    What are your favorite ways to use all that kief? I personally like to make kief bowls but putting them in joints is great too, never put it into a vape.

  2. just recently acquired a nice grinder with a kief catch. i generally let it sit until i have no more weed, like today, and smoke a little here and there in the attached pipe. quite handy when your out of weed for a few hours.
  3. I usually try and make sure I have a brass/glass screen and I pack a nice good bowl, and then cover it with keif. 
    I tease it with the flame of my lighter. 
    Haha, the last gram of Kief I had was amazing, way better than this hash I have now. 
  4. Top off a bowl is my most usual method of using kief, however, rolling a res ball in kief can make for a much better resball (I've done this quite a few times).
  5. Press it into hash
  6. bowl toppers, press it, sometimes i make finger hash to
  7. top a bowl with it
  8. Slap it into the bong is my preference, just curious why not put it into a vape?

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  9. well the idea in that picture is it's a normal joint with wax on it, then rolled In keef. The keef kind of makes the wax not as messy as you pass it around. Also keef tends to gome out the mouth piece on certain occasions
  10. hmm
    Ive always put my concentrates inside my doobies whether its hash wax oil keif etc.
  11. it's all preference. I like looking at what I'm smoking other than the herb. Idk why.
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    But the kief will burn off before you get a chance to utilize it. Jm.$02. Try it with the wax on the inside, then kief, then weed :hippie:

    They look tasty, just impractical in use
  13. Your not smoking it your burning it. How do you figure the smoke from the outside of a joint gonna get it your mouth/lungs?
  14. another blade posted this tip, wish i knew so i could gib some credit to them...smoke a bowl/bongload like normal, as it is cherrying, sprinkle the kief onto the cherrying ember, and enjoy. such a lovely method, and you dont just end up charrring it.

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