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best way to eat shrooms

Discussion in 'General' started by TwinHCities, Aug 16, 2006.

  1. what are some good ways to eat them without having to taste them at all. ive tried them twice before and it was hard to down them. ive heard of ppl putting them in a blender and making a smoothie, what other ways are there
  2. Spread em on a pizza, In pasta, put em in tea, uhhmm..
  3. The best way to do it without the shitty ass taste is either make chocolate or pills. Both are easy, none are hard.
  4. just down them man, its not that bad. don't be a puss.
  5. Take two peices of bread and slab on alot of peanut butter and throw the shrooms on top. Get a glass of water to help with the peanutbutter.

    NOTE: Dont add jelly I did once and got an upset stomach for about 30 minutes
  6. as long as they go in your mouth and you swallow, it will get there and do its job, i would say put them on a pizza, or on a cheese steak, and your always gonna get a stomach ache, sometimes different strains you might not, but the pink buffalo i get around here makes me wanna puke hardcore only for an hour at the most tho, but i trip balls for like 10-12 hours off a half eigth. good luck man!

    bon apetit!
  7. alright if u do it this way ur going to taste them a little bit but it is not going to be as strong of a taste...

    just pop them in your mouth and start to chew them like normal and then jus take u a huge glass of orange juice (or any citrus juice for that matter) and chug it... the citrus taste will help dilute the taste of the fungus but will also help make the shrooms have a lil bit stronger of an effect on u.

    happy trippin
  8. what smoked stupid said but when u eat then take shrooms u will not get the whole affect as you did if u just ate them bythemselves..soo if you would actually like to trip grow some balls and just munch them down quickly and take sips of OJ after u eat a few
  9. put them in soup... make sure not to cook the soup with them in it... if the psliocybin gets over 200 degress toodles.

    chop them up/grind them as fine as possible.

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